Chris Lopez would very much like to be excluded from this narrative. Briana DeJesus went after his baby mama Kailyn Lowry on the last episode of Teen Mom 2, and he begged them to stop mentioning him on TV. “Let’s just keep my name out the Teen Mom drama ok? ok” he tweeted on May 9. However, he only got dragged back in when a fan brought something Briana said to his attention… that he “beats up” Kail. Now, he’s denying any abuse.

When a hater on Bri’s Instagram accused her of talking crap to Kail in front of her kids on TM, she responded, “I wasn’t talking s–t and shut the f–k up cause she gets beat the f–k up by Chris in front of her kids, goodbye.” Wait, what?! That’s a pretty intense claim to just be throwing around! After seeing the screenshot, he tweeted, “1 more thing lol I NEVER beat my BM.”

So where does this stem from? Well, a source told Radar in October 2017 that Chris had hit the mother of his only child. “There has been abuse against Kail on more than one occasion,” said the source, also insisting that Kail was still “finding a safe way for him to have a relationship with his son.” Though Kail never confirmed these rumors, she also hasn’t spoken out against them, which doesn’t look good for Chris.

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Chris and Kail have certainly had a tumultuous relationship, and Kail has alluded to him treating her badly, even tweeting at him that he “couldn’t look her in the eye.” Fans assumed she was referring to him cheating on her, but it’s possible that it was because of abuse. Hopefully what Chris said is true and he would never hurt her.

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