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CBD is the natural compound that has taken the health world by storm – and rightly so. The active ingredients in hemp and cannabis plants are called cannabinoids. The most commonly known ones are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. These naturally occurring compounds interact with the body by utilizing the receptors in the body to help regulate the brain and immune systems. CBD could be an ideal choice for those who are seeking the positive natural benefits of these powerful plant compounds, without the worry of getting a “high” feeling. Though studies are still in the early stages, hemp-based products are looking promising for their anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. For pet owners with an aging dog, these useful properties could make CBD an ideal supplement for us and our furry alike.


CBD for Aging Dogs


The use of CBD compounds to treat various conditions in dogs are in the very early stages of study. A recent study, conducted with regard to osteoarthritis in canines, shows promise to treat pain in ways similar to that of humans. Because CBD works in conjunction with the body and its receptors in the endocannabinoid system, CBD is has been found useful for chronic pain management, stress regulation and overall sense of wellness. There are more and more positive testimonials from pet owners employing CBD for their animals, though more scientific studies are needed.


Many older animals, much like their owners, will be prescribed medications with varying effects and side effects. If your dog is experiencing issues with appetite, mobility and comfort, CBD may be a great alternative choice. CBD can impact an animal the same way it does humans, by blocking pain receptors from transmitting messages to the brain. Similarly, CBD can aid in stress levels and cognitive function which can improve sleep and even appetite from animals suffering from a chronic disease like cancer or kidney failure. If your dog or pet gets sore from a walk or doesn’t like moving from its bed, giving CBD a go as a natural supplement to increase their daily comfort is something to consider. CBD could possibly improve the overall quality of life of your aging dog, through appetite stimulation, sleep aid and increased mobility.


Again, there is no definitive evidence that CBD supplements can be effective, but very few if any harmful side effects have been reported by pet owners using CBD. Choosing the right supplement is the best way to have a positive experience, for both humans and animals, so choose wisely when purchasing CBD products.


Choosing Your Dog’s CBD Product


When it comes to CBD on the market for animals, dogs specifically, the choices are growing by the day. A reliable source that is backed by third-party lab test results is the best way to ensure the safety of your pet. Always double check label claims for potency and purity as well as dosage suggestion. When shopping for your pet, there are even companies like Blue Ribbon Hemp that specifically created a tincture for dogs.


Blue Ribbon Hemp’s 1000mg Bacon Flavored Hemp Extract for Dogs is the ideal choice for aging dogs. Crafted carefully with whole hemp and zero THC, this powerful elixir provides canines a high dose of active CBD for the lowest market price. This oil tincture is made with MCT oil, one of the most easily absorbed for mammals, and only takes one dropper full to get a good safe dose. If your aging dog is in need of a little boost, turn to Blue Ribbon Hemp’s CBD Oil for Dogs.


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