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Cannabidiol or CBD is the new trend in wellness products. These are gaining popularity because of their therapeutic and medical benefits. In the same way that we consume CBD for our wellness, they will be beneficial for our pets. This is because all mammals especially vertebrates have an endocannabinoid system and CBD enhances it and thereby promoting good cardiovascular and neurological functions. The best way to choose the right kind of CBD for pets is depending on the need and specific requirements of your pet. Not all pets require CBD products as a dietary supplement. Usually, the confusion is regarding the dosage for your pets. Read ahead to know how to calculate the optimal dosage of CBD for your pets.

How much dosage?

It is recommended to start with a low dose. Usually, manufacturers give detailed guidelines about the dosage on their labels. It might require a trial and error method to arrive at the optimal dosage and requires patience on the part of pet parents. It is better to go for liquid-based like CBD oil or fixed-dose CBD treats as you can administer the accurate dosage.

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Calculating CBD Dosage for your pet (Dog)?

First, you have to calculate how much milligrams (mg) of CBD per pound you should give to your dog depending upon his weight. The general thumb rule is 0.2mg of CBD per pound. For a 30Kg dog you give 6mg of CBD. The next step is to determine how many milligrams (mg) of CBD is in each milliliter of CBD oil.

Following are the general formula found in high-quality CBD oils.

  • 75mg formula = 2.5mg CBD per ml of oil
  • 150mg formula= 5mg CBD per ml of oil
  • 300mg formula= 10mg CBD per ml of oil
  • 600mg formula= 20mg CBD per ml of oil


If you are giving your dog for general, well being low does is required. In addition, it is not advisable to give higher doses to smaller pets. The bioavailability of CBD is also dependent on the weight of your pet, a heavier dog will require a higher dose and vice versa. The physiology, need for CBD tolerance vary between different breeds.

The other option is to opt for CBD treats. Products from reputable manufacturers will give the right serving suggestions for different breeds of dogs.

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Final Thought

Finding the right dosage for your dog is very important. So, if you are planning to give your dog or any pet vet CBD first you must consult with the veterinarian.



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