Is she really who she says she is? In an In Touch exclusive sneak peek for tonight’s episode of MTV’s hit TV series Catfish, hosts Nev Schulman and Kameran “Kamie” Crawford meet Jesus, who asked for help to uncover whether his online girlfriend, Alexis, is real.

“Let’s talk about this mystery girl,” Nev said in the clip. “An anonymous person emailed us and said, ‘There’s this guy in Texas. I think he’s getting catfished. I tried to help him but he won’t listen to me. I’m not sure which of the fake profiles he’s talking to, but here’s the profile for the real girl, Nikki.”

Nev then turned his laptop screen around to show Jesus photos of Nikki. “What, that’s not her!” Jesus said. “That does not look like her,” Jesus’ longtime female friend said. Jesus showed Nev and Kamie a photo of Alexis, the girl he believes he’s been talking to, and she did not look anything like Nikki.

“Which one’s real? Which one’s which?” Jesus’ friend asked. “I don’t know if any of them are real at this point. It’s even more confusing,” Nev admitted.

He then asked Jesus to show him the text message he received from a “whistleblower” who was trying to reveal Alexis’ true identity. “Hey, I”m not trying to upset you but you should stop talking to Nicole. She’s not who she says she is,” the text message read. Jesus said he didn’t understand what the message meant, and Nev tried to make sense of it all.

“It’s very possible that the girl you’re talking to may not be the girl in those photos. But you hadn’t really suspected that anything weird could be going on until just now. You guys have been talking like, consistently?” Nev asked.

“We talk every day,” Jesus said. Then Kamie asked Jesus the ultimate question: “If she’s real, your end goal would be to be with her? Like, to put a ring on it?”

catfish star jesus asks nev and kamie to find out if his online girlfriend alexis is real

“Maybe, yeah,” Jesus said and added that he and Alexis talk about getting a place together.

His friend seemed to be supportive of the relationship, but only if Alexis is really the person she says she is. “She makes him happy. When he talks about her, when he talks to her, he like, lights up. To me, that’s what matters the most. I care about him a lot and I’ve been there with him through a lot,” she said. Fans will have to tune in to find out the truth about Alexis.

Catfish airs on MTV Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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