It’s been awhile since we first met the blonde and in-charge Brooke Hogan (full name Brooke Ellen Bollea), now 29, oldest daughter of wrestling champ Hulk Hogan. Gone are the days of Hogan Knows Best, the reality show which let us have a glimpse into his family’s antics, such as the time the Hulkster gave Brooke the third degree for wearing too-short a skirt.

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The Florida native has definitely achieved a lot since declaring her independence from mom and dad. She released her first well-received album, Undiscovered. Shocked fans when she posed on the cover of FHM in 2006 — becoming the first FHM cover model under 21 years old. And became the star of her own reality show, Brooke Knows Best, where we watched her record her second studio album, The Redemption. But now that she’s grown into her own, what else is this Jackie-of-all-trades up to? Read on to find out more.

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(Brooke Hogan in 2003 vs. 2017)

How is Brooke’s relationship with her mom?

Brooke and her mom, Linda Hogan, have had their fair share of drama, dealing with the divorce and Hulk’s leaked audio fiasco. Brooke had stated back in 2009 to E! News about her mom outing her on her breast augmentation, “How could I ever look at her and be like, 'You kind of threw me in front of the bus in front of the whole world.'”

But all of that turmoil may be in the past because The Inside Edition reported recently that Brooke and Linda were seen frantically searching for her lost dog Molly — which they found safe and sound near their Los Angeles neighborhood. Looks like mom and daughter may be moving forward.

Is Brooke married?

Brooke was once engaged to Phil Costa of the Dallas Cowboys, but called it quits back in 2013. E! News reported that the two separated due to Brooke wanting to focus on her music career.

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How much money does Brooke have?

Between her music success, modeling gigs, and TV appearances, Brooke’s net worth is $6 million.

Is Brooke still on Instagram?

She sure is! The L.A. resident is all about “Good Vibes” on her handle @mizzhogan. She shares a mix of model shots, precious family moments, and plenty of pics of her fur babies.

What is Brooke doing now?

Looks like Brooke most definitely followed in her daddy’s footsteps. According to her website, Brooke made her World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) debut alongside her father on a 2006 episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event. She stuck with wrestling for a bit longer on Spike TV’s Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) to help promote the female wrestling division.

But she soon left the arena and returned to music, releasing a country-style EP “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” (2015), starring in the Stranger Inside (2016) Lifetime movie, and hosting a fashion-based competition reality show The Fashion Hero (airing internationally in 2017). Brooke has recently been very busy producing television projects and owning a new wrestling division — recruiting the best female pro wrestlers in the world with sights set on Ronda

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Brooke Hogan went from an adorable teen with a lot of dreams to a smart and independent woman in 2017. Just look at her now!