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‘Little Women: LA’ Star Briana Renee Dishes on Terra Jolé Feud: “We’re a Very Volatile Frienship” (EXCLUSIVE)

This season of Little Women: LA has had no shortage of drama — and no one knows that better than Briana Renee, whose ongoing feud with co-star Terra Jolé has taken centerstage!

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For those unfamiliar with the drama, things got heated when Terra accused Bri of trying to “steal” her manager following T’s successful run on Dancing With the Stars. While the two did have a “peaceful” dinner in an attempt to put their differences aside — and Bri did admit to reaching out to Terra’s manager, but maintains that she wasn’t looking for representation — the feud between these women is far from over!

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In an exclusive interview with In Touch, Briana says she’s “not an ill-will type of person,” but knows that she and Terra won’t be close pals anytime soon!

“I get it — I spoke with Terra’s manager — as I’ve been saying this whole time, I was not trying to get in the way of her career, I was not trying to steal him, I didn’t want him to represent me — I even said, in that conversation that night, ‘Hey, I respect your work relationship with Terra,’ but apparently I shouldn’t have asked any questions, period,” she explains to In Touch. “And I admit that — but I don’t know, she’s going to feel how she feels about it, [and] I stand by my truths, that’s all you can do at this point… [Our relationship] is kind of rocky.”

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While Terra has made her feelings about her co-star known — in a recent blog, she accused Briana of being “cowardly” and a “cyber bully” — Briana isn’t afraid to be honest about their friendship either.

“You will see [what our friendship is like today] but I think it always has been, and always will be, just a very touchy relationship,” Bri says. “Obviously, it’s simple for us to get in fights — and we’ve done it numerous times throughout the season. It’s like we’re a very volatile friendship, I can’t say that we’re all happy-go-lucky — because we’re not, by any means — but I’m not going to say this is the end-all, be-all, because you obviously want to keep trying to work it out, until you just can’t anymore.”

Fortunately, Briana is confident they haven’t reached that point just yet.

“I’m the one of the group loves to fight the least,” she says. “I just can’t. I’d rather just hug it out!”

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