Thank goodness everything turned out alright! Breaking Amish stars Elizabeth "Betsy" Yoder and her husband Allen Yoder welcomed their second daughter six weeks early on Nov. 1. Luckily, their little angel was happy, healthy, and surrounded by her loving family, including big sister Jolena.

So what did they name the little bundle of joy? EmaLeigha Grace Yoder! The sweet little girl was born at 8:04 a.m. weighing just 4 pounds and 10 ounces. She was only 17.75 inches long, according to Betsy's Facebook page!

While little EmaLeigha is a-okay, poor Betsy was in "excruciating pain" following the surgery to remove her baby. "After 2 oxys, toradol through IV, and one Tylenol last night around 10, went and held baby girl till about 11:30 and I was knocked out and woke up sitting in my bed and freezing at 3 am ?," wrote Betsy hours after her daughter was born. "I guess that is why I hate pain meds so much. IV Comes out at 8 Today then I can shower and hopefully after shivering so much my cut doesn’t hurt to bad."

Luckily, by Friday she was feeling much better, going to the bathroom on her own, breastfeeding Ema, and finally able to be left alone. "Well I’m on my own for the first time since Monday and I’m feeling overwhelmed and not to sure how I’ll do it all but I hope I can sleep well and pump as needed tonight and tomorrow," she explained. "I had Jolena come visit tonight so that’s been a great day brightener."

We're so glad that everyone is doing alright despite the scary situation. We can't wait to watch EmaLeigha grow up on Breaking Amish!

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