Not all water is created equal. No matter what your goals, getting in the most incredible shape of your life, or simply hydrating to feel your best, the water you put into your body matters — which is why you want to choose wisely.

Enter Next Level Fitness Water, an all-natural, electrolyte-filled water designed to help you achieve the next level in life, whatever you’re striving for.

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Next Level Fitness Water is bottled at the source – directly at its springs, ensuring the purest tasks. The fresh glacial spring water is naturally by sandstone and enhanced with nature pH and electrolytes for added fuel.


Not only does Next Level Fitness Water taste great and support your health, the brand also does its part by generously giving back. A portion of all process go to breast cancer research, non-profits for the blind & autistic, and for veterans.




Next Level Fitness Water is a proud partner of the National Association of Blind Merchants (a division of the National Federation of the Blind) to help a deserving, hardworking community. Nicky Gacos, NABM President, gives us a glimpse of what a next level partnership looks like.

nicky gacos

What is it like working with Next Level Fitness Water?

It’s a true partner. First it is a great product; then, it does more — it gives back to the hard working blind community! Now that is a winning team structure.

How does Next Level Fitness Water contribute to the National Association of Blind Merchants?

In addition to donating profits, Next Level works with our merchants on training programs and harnessing cost-saving opportunities.

What advances in technology do you think have done the most to support the blind community?

I would say voice over technology and willingness of companies such as Next Level Fitness Water, to work towards understanding blindness and providing our members as much as possible, complete accessibility.

What is the ultimate goal of the National Association for Blind Merchants?

To help change the understanding of blindness for everyone and to help steer the evolution from blind operator to owner — creating opportunities and opening these entrepreneurs to their next level.

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