Is it hot in here or is it just the boys in Charli XCX's new music video? The British "Boys" singer just did a big (no, huge) favor for every female on the planet by combining the sexiest boys and putting them in her music video for our viewing pleasure. Seriously, we're not sure what we did to deserve such a kindness but we're not about to question it. Because like, Joe Jonas eating pancakes is way hotter than we ever imagined and we can't stop watching.

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The music video has already inspired a slew of articles written by interested (thirsty) journalists all over the internet. Any music video that kicks off with Joe eating a stack of pancakes is a video we want to watch.

Okay, but while the video is equal parts hot and cute… it's also hella feminist. Charli XCX wasn't just throwing a bunch of attractive guys in her video for the sake of throwing a bunch of attractive guys in her video (although who could blame her if she was) — she was actually trying to make a statement.

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"They’re doing all the sexy things that girls usually do in music videos," she told BBC Radio 1. "I just wanted to flip the male gaze on its head." She also revealed to Glamour, "I directed it and reached out to all my favorite male musicians, actors, and people and got them to come and make cameos in the video. We did sexy set-ups for each of them, so it was super fun. It was a lad-fest."

That sounds like a great time. Now excuse us while we watch this video on repeat.

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