Every ’90s kid has their list of classics. You know, those pop culture staples that scared the living daylights out of us and all of our friends. And there’s no denying that the Boy Meets World Halloween episode is at the top of everyone’s list. The Season 5 episode titled “And Then There Was Shawn” might have originally aired in February 1998, but fans still watch it over and over again around Halloween.

The episode followed the gang locked in the school, all alone, during detention while an anonymous person (being? ghost? serial killer?) traumatized them. It started out in classic Boy Meets World fashion… Shawn was cracking jokes, Cory and Topanga were engaging in their usual on-again, off-again antics, and they all were getting on Mr. Feeny’s nerves (nothing new). But then, Feeny locked in detention, a creepy janitor appeared, and people started dying (???).

hannah montana halloween episode

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And now in 2017 as we prepare for Halloween, fans still can’t get over how scary the episode was. Keep scrolling to see the best tweets about the spooky episode!



Not to spoil the ending (we know you’ve already watched) but right before the episode ends, Shawn wakes up revealing that the whole thing was a dream. That’s right. No one died. Nothing was written in blood on the wall. And everyone was seemingly safe. The group left the classroom, shut off the lights and in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, that creepy killer from the dream crawled out from behind the TV screen leaving viewers stunned. And here we are 19 years later asking ourselves: What did we just watch?

We never expected to be terrified watching an episode of Boy Meets World, but we’re so glad we were proven wrong. Now, who’s ready to re-watch this Scream-esque episode?

Watch the video below to see how much the cast has changed then vs. now!

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