Most fragrances out there are an acquired taste, loved by many and despised by some. But every once in a while — like once in a generation — you come across a scent that has achieved the art of perfection. In this generation, that scent is Blu Atlas Atlantis. Check out this ultimate review for everything you need to know about the fragrance.

What Makes the Perfect Cologne?

Putting your finger on precisely what makes a cologne perfect can be challenging. The scent notes that make up the fragrance are part of it, yes, but the art of perfection goes beyond that. A perfect cologne is all about the experience and how it makes you feel, so you can tap into that feeling in different situations. The ideal cologne is equal parts wingman, confidence booster, and outfit completer, and you should feel drawn to it both as a daily scent and as a special occasion fragrance. 

The art of perfection is also about quality. You want your eau de parfum to be made of the best-sourced ingredients and to ooze sophistication before it’s even out of the bottle. Perfecting a cologne takes time, as it’s refined more and more with each iteration until it reaches the apex of quality and experience. That’s the case with Blu Atlas Atlantis. 

All About the Look

Blu Atlas

The presentation of Blu Atlas Atlantis is all about understated elegance. Opening the black case to find the bottle within provides a rush of excitement and satisfaction, almost like prying open a treasure chest. The bottle itself is solid enough to have a presence and sleek enough to make it a great centerpiece on a shelf or dresser. Class personified!

All About the Scent

Okay, let’s get to the good part. If Atlantis makes you think of the mystery of the sunken island, you’re right on track. The scent is meant to evoke the feeling of Bali’s coastal jungle — think leafy greenery that reaches out toward turquoise water, the sound of birds, and that ceaseless hum of the jungle that just makes you feel alive. But how does Blu Atlas manage to get all of that into a bottle? 

Top notes: Zesty bergamot and lemon paired with fresh blackcurrant. 

Heart: Herbaceous notes of lavender and clary sage along with bright, sweet peach and apricot. 

Base notes: Irresistible orris, oakmoss, sensual ambrette seed, and musk with a pop of candy-like violet.

Check out the Blu Atlas Atlantis Experience below. 

All About the Brand

The art of perfection isn’t only about the fragrance itself but the brand behind it. Blu Atlas is a New York-based skincare company focusing on premium ingredients and clean formulas. All of their products are vegan and cruelty-free, so you can expect maximum benefits and feel good about being a loyal Blu Atlas customer. 

All of the brand’s products, including Blu Atlas Atlantis, are unisex and can be enjoyed by anyone. The reviews are out of this world, with users claiming the fragrance is a must-have and garners all kinds of compliments. 

Now that you’ve learned about Blu Atlas Atlantis and its brand, it’s time to see the cologne in action! Check out the Blu Atlas Atlantis Experience below. 

The Blu Atlas Atlantis Experience

The modern man spritzes the cologne on his pulse points in the late afternoon, savoring the top notes for himself as he finishes some work. Immediately he feels invigorated by the combination of acidity and sweetness that isn’t overpowering. The scent puts a metaphorical spring in his step as he finishes up work for the day — it’s almost like he’s seeing himself from a different perspective, and wow he looks confident! 

By the time he’s put away his computer, the scent has faded into its heart, an alluring combination of earthy and sweet notes that remind him of something he just can’t put my finger on…. Aha, got it! It’s a scent memory of exploring Southeast Asia years ago on a motorbike, pushing through leafy greenery dusted in raindrops as he looked for temple ruins hidden in the jungle. 

The feeling he had during that adventure is the same one he is experiencing now as he heads out to meet friends — one of pure bliss as he waits for the jungle to reveal more of its secrets around each bend of the muddy path. There’s this sense he doesn’t often get that wonderful experiences are in store, and he feels an anticipatory excitement that is normally reserved for travel and adventure, not a typical weeknight. 

The modern man walks into an outdoor gathering but feels like he’s floating on a cloud, not weighed down by daily life. Fairy lights are strung across trees, a band is playing soft rock, and the scene in front of him glows as if seen through rose-tinted glasses. “Ooooh, you smell so good!” one friend tells him as he hugs her and makes his way into the crowd in front of the stage. The heart of Atlantis is still ablaze, and the combination of sweet and tart fruits and robust earth notes that match perfectly with the late summer evening. 

Four hours later and Blu Atlas Atlantis is still in its prime, giving off warm base notes that make him feel attractive and exciting. He’s had his fill of dancing and goes to sit at a table surrounded by close friends, drawn by deep conversation and held in a trance by the evening and the scent. He wants to extend this moment, drag it out so he can relish how  at home he feels in himself and the world. 

Things are winding down as the stars come out and the air cools, but he suggests they take the party elsewhere. He’s feeling too good to go home! Eventually, the night ends, and he heads home full of light and feeling alive. Lying in bed, the last notes of Blu Atlas Atlantis lull him to sleep, inspiring dreams full of exploration and discovery. This night was nothing short of perfection.

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