We never thought we’d be this excited about a vacuum of any kind — especially one that sucks blackheads out of your face… Yet, here we are.

It’s no secret that people are low-key obsessed with videos of gross stuff — whether it’s popping year-old pimples or unpacking a TON of earwax, there’s something innately satisfying — albeit, disgusting — about watching these videos.

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And this latest viral video not only speaks to our nasty side, but it also provides us with a solid skincare option!

Slygap’s Blackhead Vacuum Remover will only set you back $15 while promising to do some truly miraculous things — such as exfoliate, create a subtle lift by “gently stimulating massages” on your skin, deep clean your pores, and remove wrinkles.

All that and we get to be totally disgusted/pleased with ourselves on a regular basis?! Sign us up!

Ok this is revolutionary & i need one because what's better than perfect skin, NOTHING.Available here ➡️ http://www.slygap.com/product/blackhead-vacuum-remover

Posted by Superficial on Monday, May 15, 2017