For some reason — seriously, we don’t understand it — the Internet is obsessed with watching pimple popping videos, so we managed to track down another one for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.

The video below has been viewed nearly 3.5 million times, and it’s so nasty, but clearly, people are into it. One person commented, “Anyone else found themselves salivating towards the end? Anyone?… no? Just me?” Another chimed in, “Wow. This is art.” A third added, “This one was done PERFECTLY. So satisfying.” Gross.

WARNING: The following video may be considered graphic to some.

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According to Sandra Lee, MD, a dermatologist in Upland, CA — who goes by the alias Dr. Pimple Popper — “I think watching popping is similar to seeing a scary movie or riding a roller coaster for some,” she told the Huffington Post last year. “You get a rush of euphoria and excitement.” Her YouTube and Instagram accounts each have more 1 million followers, so for those of you who are into watching the puss-y and goopy substances come out of people’s faces, she’s your girl. She posts videos of the gunk she pulls out from her patients.

gagging gif

Unfortunately — while satisfying (to some) — picking, squeezing, and popping can actually cause more harm than good. “In the moment, people feel like they have to do something,” said Amy Wechsler, MD, a dermatologist and psychiatrist in New York City. “The occasional popper or picker thinks they’re making themselves better — they think they’re helping.” In reality, however, people can irritate the skin, open wounds, and cause infections. In other words, STOP MAKING THESE DISGUSTING VIDEOS. Please and thank you.

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