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This Is What Your Favorite Blac Chyna Wig Says About You and Your Life Choices

With newer options flooding your Instagram feeds each and every day, it's really hard to choose which Blac Chyna wig really speaks to your soul. Yes, we all thought her pastel unicorn wig was magical AF and we're still reeling over the tasteful bob she brought to take Rob Kardashian down in court. But considering Chyna has a whole wig closet to keep her looks rotating regularly, we think it's about time we decide once and for all which one is your favorite, and what that says about the terrible life choices you've made so far — 'cause listen, we just think that each Blac Chyna wig has a spirit, and that spirit is probably kind of a disaster, no matter what the cut and color may be.

But that's ok! If we've learned anything from Blac Chyna, it's that you can have a spotty past as a stripper and still be a savvy businesswoman. You can have a tumultuous reality TV relationship and still have a strong bond with your children. It's 2017, and there are multiple hues and gradients when it comes to the "Hot Mess" spectrum. What's really important is the "Hot" part.

This is not the time to chicken out and say that you love all of Chyna's wigs equally. You know you've always wished to own pin-straight bleached strands or take the dark red version of her classic bangs for a test drive. So to condense some of your soul-searching, we decided to pick some of our favorites and predict just what kind of woman you really are based on your preference. It is totally scientific and 100% accurate.*

*Probably not at all.

Scroll down to see what your go-to Blac Chyna wig says about your inner (or outer) insanity.

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