Their relationship may be long over, but when it comes to Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, the drama will never be done. In their most recent petty fight, the couple is arguing about their child support payments, and the 30-year-old model is simply not having any of it. Last week, reports indicated that the Kardashian brother could no longer afford his $20,000 monthly payments, and The Blast even found documents where Rob had argued instead that he should be the one receiving child support, not paying it. And though Chyna had taken to Instagram to call him out not longer after, she’s really dragging him this time.

“So my children aren’t supposed to live the same lifestyle as their fathers ETC ETC ha?” she wrote in an Instagram story calling out Rob’s life as a member of one of the richest celebrity families. The Kardashians are known for their over-the-top displays of wealth, including homes with Swarovski-crystal encrusted fridges, a black velvet Range Rover, and $10,000 fur coats for their children. And considering that Rob has a sibling who s–ts on a gold-plated toilet seat, it’s not such a wild assumption to assume that he’s not exactly living like a pauper. But that wasn’t all Chyna had to say. “As a single mother, I provide for them and give them the luxury lifestyle they deserve… Wow!!” she continued.

Blac Chyna Drags Rob Kardashian Over Child Support on Instagram

She wasn’t holding back! According to the reports, though, Chyna actually is the only one of the couple who can afford to give Dream Kardashian the “luxury lifestyle.” After all, Rob’s been kind of a shut-in for a while now. He doesn’t have reality TV money coming in the way that he used to, and we can’t imagine that owning a sock company means he has enough money to support himself plus a spare $20k every month. The Blast says that he’s also citing the domestic violence restraining order Chyna filed last year as significantly damaging his finances and ability to pay up.

Considering their 50/50 custody split, the former KUWTK star seems to think that his ex’s higher net worth, especially as compared to his recently much lower net worth, means that she should bear the brunt of the financial burden. Whether they’ll be able to come to any kind of agreement in the near future, well, that remains to be seen. But we’d imagine that, based on what Chyna had to say online, it’s a pretty fair bet that there’s plenty of messiness still yet to come. But when we’re talking about this family, do you ever expect anything less?

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