Just an FYI, Beth Chapman doesn’t owe you anything. The Dog the Bounty Hunter star made that perfectly clear to one fan when she felt like the Twitter user had overstepped her boundaries. After exchanging messages with the follower, the reality personality started to feel like her time, empathy, and patience was being taken advantage of. And after calling the fan a bully, she put her on blast.

On May 22, Beth, 51, had finally had enough. When the fan got into a Twitter altercation on Beth’s behalf, she decided to put a stop to whatever relationship they’d had. On the social media site, she shared a screenshot of their conversation where the fan had demanded her time and attention, writing, “You won’t read any of this and won’t respond back. Because that’s just the way you are. … I really needed somebody, but I guess I was wrong again.” In response, Beth told her to “go get [her] advice” from someone else. “You’re blocked,” she wrote. “I don’t put up with this kinda bulls–t outta anyone. Bye!”

Beth Chapman Slams Fan on Twitter
Courtesy of Beth Chapman

In a tweet explaining the situation, she took things even further. “She was blocked for these kinda harassing statements,” she told the rest of her followers. “She sends me long DMs about how she’s [a] battered woman, but then flies into rages if you don’t immediately get back to her.” She said she was “done, done, done,” and would “block trolls and demanding fans who think they can bully [her] into talking to them.”

That’s not all. In a second tweet, she continued, “She wants attention. She texts me all her problems like I’m her [doctor]. I didn’t mind at first, but then she [was] becoming demanding and ugly, so blocked!” Showing off her strong, sassy side, she even added the iconic blow off from the movie Friday. “Bye, Felicia,” she signed off the post.

Beth Chapman Calls Out Fan on Twitter
Courtesy of Beth Chapman/Twitter

It was the cap off to a disappointing few days after the star also had to postpone anniversary celebrations with her husband, Duane “Dog” Chapman. When a massive snowstorm blew through Colorado, the couple had to cancel their plans and focus on simply getting home safely. Luckily, the star knows how to overcome her struggles, and she’s faced much worse in the past. With Dog by her side, Beth seems ready to take on anything or anyone, whether it’s a bounty hunting target or a simple Internet troll.

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