If you’re an athlete or active individual, you know how frustrating chronic inflammation can be to your training schedule. Even if you’re not suffering from constant inflammation, every athlete experiences inflamed muscles or joints. Inflammation isn’t inherently bad, but it can lead to discomfort or prolonged recovery, cutting into your workout schedules and reducing your performance.

To help reduce inflammation and manage related pain, many athletes are incorporating dietary supplements into their recovery regimen. Dietary supplements with anti-inflammatory properties can be an excellent way to relieve muscle and joint inflammation so you can recover quicker and reach peak performance.

New to taking supplements and not sure where to start your search? We’ve compiled a list of the best supplements for athletes with inflammation.

Summary of the Best Supplements for Athletes with Inflammation

How Do Dietary Supplements Help with Inflammation?

People have been bringing dietary supplements into their daily regimens for years because of their many benefits, including helping with inflammation and inflammation-related discomfort.

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to an irritant. When an irritant enters the body, the immune system sends inflammatory cells to the irritated area to heal the surrounding tissue. These cells can cause swelling that can press on nerves and cause pain.

Athletes often experience inflammation after working out because exercise triggers an inflammatory response. This response is why you’ll feel sore after a tough workout and why it’s essential to incorporate rest days and recovery tools into your training.

Some dietary supplements contain anti-inflammatory properties, meaning they can help reduce inflammation and inflammation-induced pain.

Best Supplements for Inflammation in 2024

1. Best Overall: CBDistillery Ahhh Distilled CBD Gummies


CBDistillery Ahhh Distilled CBD Gummies are delicious, strawberry flavored gummies infused with full spectrum CBD from U.S.-grown hemp. They’ve been lab-tested for purity and potency and they are made with 100% clean ingredients. CBD, the main active ingredient in these gummies, can help relieve pain and inflammation in your joints and muscles. It also helps you get better sleep, which can enhance recovery. CBDistillery suggests taking one 30 mg gummy per serving, but some customers find they only need half a gummy to experience ample relief.


  • Formulated by an expert botanist
  • Lab-tested and made from 100% clean ingredients
  • Promotes better sleep for faster recovery


  • Type of Supplement: Strawberry-flavored CBD Gummies
  • Size: 30 gummies per container
  • Strength: 30 mg CBD per gummy

What Customers Love:

Customers like taking these gummies the evening after a hard workout. They report feeling both their mind and their muscles relax within a half hour. They have an easier time falling asleep and when they wake up the next day, the inflammation in their muscles and joints is less apparent. Some reviewers like taking these gummies prior to a workout to ease inflammation and soreness related to minor injuries or past surgeries. They receive good reviews from strength and endurance athletes alike.

2. Best Herbal Option: Organixx Joint & Muscle Care


For those seeking an herbal supplement to reduce exercise-related inflammation, we recommend Organixx Joint & Muscle Care. This supplement is formulated with frankincense, myrrh and triple fermented turmeric, all of which work together to reduce swelling in the joints and muscles. This supplement also supports a healthy circulatory system and helps improve emotional well being, which may help improve your athletic performance over time. Organixx uses USDA Certified Organic turmeric and non-GMO ingredients in these capsules.


  • Formulated with myrrh to support recovery and healing on the cellular level
  • Lab-verified to be free of pesticide residues, herbicides and heavy metals
  • Appropriate for vegans and vegetarians


  • Type of Supplement: Capsules
  • Size: 60 capsules per bottle
  • Strength: 1000 mg Joint and Muscle Complex (fermented organic turmeric, frankincense extract and myrrh resin) per 2-capsule serving

What Customers Love:

Customers love the simple formula of this supplement. Those with sensitive digestive tracts reportedly tolerate it well. Reviewers often report feeling healthier and more energetic overall after a few weeks of taking these capsules. Most notably, they notice reduced inflammation in their joints and muscles, even after intense workouts. Some customers are able to tolerate more weight-bearing exercise after adding this supplement to their routine. Several reviewers mention being able to jog further without their knees aching.

3. Best for Arthritis: Ancient Nutrition Turmeric

Ancient Nutrition
Ancient Nutrition

Turmeric tends to work well for athletes with inflamed joints due to arthritis. One of the very best brands on the market is Ancient Nutrition Turmeric, which is Certified USDA Organic and fermented to enhance its effectiveness. This supplement contains clinically studied ingredients and it supports a healthy, whole-body response to inflammation. Not only does it reduce swelling in the joints, but it can also address joint tenderness and decrease joint discomfort associated with exercise. You only need to take one tablet per day, with or without food.


  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Formulated with clinically studied ingredients included fermented turmeric
  • Gluten-free, daily-free and soy-free


  • Type of Supplement: Tablets
  • Size: 30 tablets per bottle
  • Strength: 800 mg Organic Fermented Botanical Blend per tablet

What Customers Love:

Customers with arthritis who typically limit their exercise find they are able to increase their activity levels once they begin taking this supplement. Those with arthritis in their knees are better able to walk or jog without soreness. Customers with arthritis in their hands report significant reductions in pain and swelling that make it easier to hold a bat or golf club. This supplement is a favorite among golfers, pickleball players and other athletes who rely on grip and dexterity in their sports.

4. Best for Gout: SHIFTED Anti-Inflammatory Relief


If you’re an athlete struggling with gout, we suggest trying SHIFTED Anti-Inflammatory Relief. This supplement is formulated with tart cherry extract, which people with gout often find effective for preventing or reducing the severity of attacks. It also contains plenty of turmeric and black pepper extract for additional anti-inflammatory benefits. SHIFTED Anti-Inflammatory Relief was developed in partnership with a medical doctor. It is all-natural, non-addictive and highly potent.


  • Contains a clinically effective dose of tart cherry extract
  • Formulated with Bioperine for enhanced bioavailability
  • Developed in partnership with a medical doctor


  • Type of Supplement: Capsules
  • Size: 180 capsules per bottle
  • Strength: 700 mg tart cherry juice extract, 500 mg turmeric extract and 5 mg black pepper extract per 3-capsule serving

What Customers Love:

Customers with gout say their attacks dissipate faster when they are taking this supplement daily. Some reviewers say their attacks also become less frequent. Even athletes who do not have gout notice a reduction in inflammation and soreness after a few days of taking these capsules. Hikers, especially, find that they recover faster from long hikes and struggle with less lower-leg inflammation thanks to SHIFTED Anti-Inflammatory Relief.

5. Best for Full-Body Wellness: Bulletproof Curcumin Max


Sometimes, inflammation is a systemic issue and improving your overall health can help manage it. If this is the approach you’d like to take, we suggest trying Bulletproof Curcumin Max. With turmeric, Boswellia and ginger, this comprehensive supplement helps combat oxidative stress and support a healthy inflammatory response, which in turn can improve overall health and joint health. Bulletproof Curcumin Max is even formulated with Brain Octane Oil, which helps ensure it is well absorbed.


  • Made with science-backed ingredients
  • Absorbs 10 times better than the average curcumin powder
  • Only needs to be taken once per day


  • Type of Supplement: Softgels
  • Size: 60 softgels per bottle
  • Strength: 500 mg Turmeric root complex, 100 mg Ginger root extract and 100 mg Boswellia gum extract per 2-softgel serving

What Customers Love:

Customers often notice a body-wide reduction in inflammation after a few weeks of taking this supplement. Some reviewers find they experience less muscle soreness after workouts. This supplement is a favorite among those with digestive conditions such as IBS. They feel they absorb this supplement better than most turmeric and curcumin supplements due to its special formulation.

6. Best for Older Athletes: Oweli Turmeric Joint Health Formula


Staying active as you grow older can help reduce your risk of heart attack, diabetes and other lifestyle-related conditions. And if you make joint health a priority, it is easier to stay active. For older athletes, we recommend trying Oweli Turmeric Joint Health Formula. This turmeric supplement can help promote a healthy inflammatory response, maintain more youthful joint mobility, support cardiovascular and digestive health and protect your brain cells from age-related deterioration. Oweli Turmeric is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility and made with carefully sourced ingredients, so you can have confidence in its safety and purity.


  • Made with vegetable capsules; appropriate for vegans
  • Formulated with BioPerine to ensure good absorption
  • Supports cardiovascular, digestive and brain health


  • Type of Supplement: Capsules
  • Size: 60 capsules per bottle
  • Strength: 1200 mg Organic turmeric, 100 mg Turmeric 95% curcuminoids and 10 mg BioPerine per 2-capsule serving

What Customers Love:

Athletes and active adults in their 50s, 60s and beyond give this turmeric supplement glowing reviews. Some are able to return to sports after a long break after they add this supplement to their regimen. They report feeling more flexible and agile, whether riding a bike or lifting weights. Some customers even notice positive changes in their digestive health or cholesterol levels after a few months on Oweli Turmeric Joint Health Formula.

7. Best for Endurance Athletes: Momentous Vital Aminos


Endurance athletes, such as distance runners and cyclists, often experience a lot of inflammation, stiffness and muscle soreness when recovering from hard workouts and competitions. If you’re in this boat, we suggest trying Momentous Vital Aminos. This powdered supplement contains 9 essential amino acids that can help rebuild muscle tissue and enzymes, uphold your metabolic processes and maintain your body’s pH as you recover. Simply mix a scoop with 8 ounces of water and enjoy the delicious, Tropical Punch flavor.


  • Formulated with meticulously sourced amino acids
  • Dissolves well in water
  • Supports a healthy pH balance and metabolic processes


  • Type of Supplement: Powder
  • Size: 11 ounces per bag
  • Strength: 2500 mg L-leucine, 725 mg L-lysine HCL, 625 mg L-isoleucine, 625 mg L-valine, 525 mg L-arginine, 470 mg alpha ketoglutaric acid, 375 mg L-threonine, 350 mg L-phenylalanine, 300 mg L-histidine HCL, 150 mg L-cystine, 50 mg L-methionine, 30 mg L-tyrosine and 20 mg L-tryptophan per serving

What Customers Love:

Athletes who take this powdered supplement after workouts find that they recover faster and with less discomfort. Some runners like taking it after long runs or races so they are able to resume training faster. We also saw glowing reviews from basketball players, soccer player  and even tennis players who find this supplement effective in managing their inflammation and pain.

How We Picked the Best Dietary Supplements for Athletes

With thousands of dietary supplements available, we want to ensure we share quality products that work best for most customers. When deciding on which products to feature, we dig into each one’s product process, reviews, testing and ingredients. 

Production Process

The production process is about how a company creates its dietary supplements. When looking into a brand’s production process.

When it comes to manufacturing, we like to see products made in the USA using Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). CGMP is an FDA-regulated manufacturing approach that ensures companies follow protocols to ensure the quality of products.


Reviews from verified customers can help us understand how well a product works for most people taking it. Dietary supplements can affect people differently, but we want companies with gummies that work for most people and that customers are pleased with using.

Customer reviews can also shed light on potential red flags or issues. Customers who write reviews may share how well a brand’s customer service is or how seamless it was to return a product.


All supplement companies should have their products third-party tested and display a third-party tested icon on their label and website. When a product is third-party tested, an independent lab checks the product for quality, purity and safety. It ensures that the product contains the listed ingredients and that no pesticides, heavy metals, or other harmful substances exist.

Quality Ingredients

If you’re ingesting a dietary supplement, you want to ensure companies make it with high-quality ingredients. We prefer to feature all-natural or organic products, preferably from USA-grown hemp. We also like to find non-GMO products that don’t contain pesticides or harmful chemicals.

What to Look for When Buying Supplements for Inflammation

If you’re unsure which dietary supplements to try for your inflammation, there are a few things you may want to consider to help you narrow down which ones may be best for you:


One of the first things you want to look at when shopping for dietary supplements is the potency. If you’re new to taking supplements, you’ll want to look for lower potency products. However, if you aren’t feeling the desired results, you may want to consider a higher-strength product.

Whichever potency you choose, always consult your doctor before taking supplements.

Intended Benefit

Pay attention to what kind of supplement you’re buying. Depending on the key or active ingredients in your supplements, they may be designed for different purposes. Try looking for supplements formulated with anti-inflammatory ingredients, like turmeric.


The most expensive supplement does not mean it’s the best option for you. Many supplements yield similar results, so look for items within your budget. You should also look for brands offering subscription pricing, especially if you plan on repeating a purchase. Subscription prices decrease the cost per item and often come with free shipping.


Dietary supplements come in various forms to appeal to people’s likes and needs. Most supplement forms will provide similar benefits and choosing a form is primarily about preferences and what’s conducive to your lifestyle. Some common forms of dietary supplements are:

  • Gummies
  • Capsules
  • Tablets


Are dietary supplements legal?

Dietary supplements are legal, but FDA regulation is a different story. Not all supplements are regulated by the FDA, so be sure to check with your doctor before starting to take any.

Can dietary supplements alone help with inflammation?

Dietary supplements can have anti-inflammatory properties that can help limit mild inflammation and related pain. If your inflammation and discomfort persist, talk to your doctor about relief options and ways to treat the underlying cause of the inflammation.


If you’re an athlete struggling with inflammation, supplements could provide the relief you’re looking for. We think these seven products are some of the top supplements on the market, specifically when it comes to inflammation relief. But, as always, be sure to consult your doctor before starting a supplement regimen.

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