Sometimes it seems like celebrities have the perfect lives. They’re gorgeous, their houses are awesome, their families are adorable, we could go on. But reality star Audrey Roloff wants you to know that that isn’t always the case. On her Instagram story, she shared a little bit about what her life was looking like on Monday, Oct. 1st — and it wasn’t as pretty as it always seems on social media.

“Thought I’d give you guys a little bit of the behind-the-scenes reality of life right now,” the former Little People, Big World star started off. “This is what I’ve looked like all day. It’s currently three p.m. I do not have a bra on. I’m covered in some kind of food that I fed Ember for breakfast and lunch, not really sure… Our house is a catastrophe because we’ve been gone for a week and got in late last night from flying across the country with a one-year-old. Too tired to unpack and too tired to go grocery shopping, so I postmate’d lunch for myself right here.” 

audrey roloff's instagram story about her messy house
Courtesy of Audrey Roloff/Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

The TLC star continued on, walking her fans through the rest of the property and peeking into different rooms. “So not only do I just look so fabulous this morning in my attire with no makeup and humidity-curly hair leftover from Nashville and being on a plane all day, but I also just wanted to show you the rest of our house which looks so great right now,” she said. “So this is our office-slash-living room. Everything is disheveled and on the floor. Clearly we have not unpacked yet. We have a pile, couple piles of laundry in the laundry room here with leftover clean clothes that I haven’t put away yet.” 

Mess aside, that was just one item on her to-do list which is full of things she hadn’t tackled yet. “Back to the living room and kitchen here,” she said, moving back to the other room, “where I have my master list of things that I’m supposed to get done today during the one-and-a-half hour increments in which Ember is supposed to nap. But because we’re coming off of a two-hour time change, that hasn’t really gone according [to plan].” 

audrey roloff's instagram story about to-do list and poopslosion

Photo Credit: Instagram

And, of course, with babies come the occasional blowout. And this time, there was no opportunity to hit up DQ and get a blizzard to treat yourself post-cleanup. “I’ve also discovered two poop explosions today a little bit too late, meaning that there was a nice little trail for me to discover once I finally realized, ‘That smells really weird,'” Auj admitted. “And, of course, one of those happened also, in addition to the two, one third one I discovered a little bit too late once she woke up from her first nap and I realized that it was all over the crib and the blankets and the stuffed animals aaand her. Soooo…” 

She summed it all up concisely for her fans. “So, these stories are for all of you guys who have said to me at one point, ‘How do you always look so put together and why does your hair always look nice and your house is always clean and your baby is so good?’ Just know: Not always.”

audrey roloff talks motherhood on instagram story

Photo Credit: Instagram

“Moral of the story,” she wrote on one of the videos, “If you feel like a complete mess today, you’re not alone. And you know what? I think it’s ok to own it sometimes. It’s reality and there is still beauty and God-saturated blessing in teh chaos.” She continued on another pic, writing, “So yeah. Sometimes we take pretty pictures and run [businesses] and write books and travel places and do fun things… and sometimes we have poopy (literally) days, and pajama days, and frizzy hair, and messy houses, and no naps, and to-do lists that we couldn’t accomplish in a year but expect to get done today..”

She took the opportunity instead to get real with her audience. “Social media can put people on pedestals as if the amount of people following you equates to how put together your life is,” she wrote. “But that’s not reality. Honestly, my life is probably a lot more like yours than you may have assumed…”

ember roloff making the house messy
Courtesy of Audrey Roloff/Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

The best part, though, was yet to come. The next day, she topped the whole story off with an extra video. This one showed daughter Ember Roloff standing in front of a drawer as she pulled clothes out of it and dropped them onto the floor. “Just a continuation of yesterday,” the 27-year-old captioned the snap — and she couldn’t help but laugh. 

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