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Are the Duggars Vain? A Look Into Their Lives Post-Prairie Dresses

Despite their long list of strict religious rules, when you look at the Duggars, especially the women, they all look kind of perfect. The women of the family all have long, perfectly tousled hair, professional-looking makeup, and clothes that, while not the most fashionable, are pleasing enough for fans to want to emulate. But things didn’t always use to be this way. When the family first made their TV debut in 2004, they wore prairie dresses, had frizzy perms, styled their hair in weird mullets, and wore an offensive amount of blush. A sense of being vain wasn’t even on the Duggars’ radar it seems.

Over the years as the family has become less isolated and more worldly though, they’ve all underwent drastic makeovers. Hand-me-down dresses and frizzy mullet hair suddenly became an embarrassing thing of the past. In fact, all the Duggar women now say they’re ashamed of how they all used to look. “I definitely have those moments I look back and say, ‘Man, that was rough, that was a rough patch,'” Jessa Duggar said during an episode of Counting On. “They were like bags,” Joy-Anna Duggar added. “We wore those until I was like 12.” Jana Duggar quipped, “Those are the embarrassing days.”

But why have the Duggars changed so much over the years? Some think that fame and money have made the family a tad vain. “I think it’s interesting that they wear so much make-up and have perfect hair,” a commenter wrote. “Most ultra conservatives I grew up around, i.e. Amish, Mennonites, Pentecostals, believe in no make-up at all, because that’s how ‘God made them.'” And it’s not just hair and makeup, the family is also obsessed with having perfect, straight teeth, overtanning, and working out. It makes sense that the family want to look their best while they’re on TV or on the cover of magazines, but considering their conservative views, are they being hypocritical? Below, more reasons why fans think fame has made the Duggars a little vain.

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