Fans of Netflix‘s The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On are dying to know where contestants Jake Cunningham and Rae Williams stand today. Are they together after leaving their original partners, April Melohn and Zay Wilson?! Speaking exclusively with In Touch in a video interview, the reality stars break down their relationship post-show.

“We’re still in communication. We talk all the time,” Jake, 26, says, noting they’ve “kind of put a hold” on anything romantic.

“We did come out of a relationship for two years with two different people. So, we kinda just, after the show, we got closure with that, tried figure ourselves out, figure out what was gonna go on with that. I was gonna let her do her thing. I was gonna do my thing,” Jake adds. “It could happen down the road … she is a kindhearted person. We’ll see how that goes.”

In the final episode, Jake, who was issued the ultimatum by April, 23, and Rae, who issued the ultimatum to Zay, 25, made the decision to leave their relationships and potentially pursue each other. In fact, the last time viewers saw Jake and Rae they were headed on a trip anywhere in the world!

The Ultimatum’s Jake and Rae ‘Talk All the Time’ Post-Show: ‘We’ll See How That Goes'
Courtesy of Rae Williams/Instagram; Jake Cunningham/Instagram

“Even though we walked away from the experience and decided to just focus on ourselves, we both need to just focus on healing right now,” Rae explains. “So, ladies don’t DM him, you know, he just needs to focus on himself, as do I. But we are still very cool. I think he’s an absolute gentleman. I loved my time with him and whether he ends up with me or not, or whether I end up with him or not, I just want happiness for both of us.”

As for Rae and Zay’s current situation? Well, it’s icy. “Currently, Zay and I have each other blocked on everything and we are not on speaking terms,” she admits. “It was stuff that happened on the reunion. So, I can’t say too much, but just kind of the way that he spoke to me at the reunion … I realized that there was really no reason for us to even be in each other’s lives anymore.”

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