She’s baaack! Anna Duggar has been MIA on Instagram since Feb. 15, 2016, but now, two years later, she’s finally active again and fans are living for the family updates!

The return came with little fanfare and no acknowledgment of the time she spent away. “Usually my boys are playing with blocks, hot wheels, and nerf guns. Sometimes they decide to get creative “toys” — stack ‘em and then snack ‘em! #creativity,” she wrote as the caption on a photo of sons Michael, 6, and Marcus, 4, playing with clementines.

While the vast majority of fans were thrilled to see Anna return and hoped more pictures would follow, others, of course, had complaints. “That’s so cute! I just think the feet don’t belong on the counters,” said one fan. Another agreed that the kids shouldn’t be where food is prepared, saying, “sitting on the countertop… boys will be boys.”

Of course, someone was bound to take the opportunity to slam Anna for staying with disgraced husband Josh Duggar, saying, “have you finally realized that there is no hope for cheaters and especially molesters??? Incestuous molestation at that… glad you have your children… but please move on and don’t bring any more into the world with your sick hopefully soon to be Ex husband. HE TRIED TO RUIN YOU… I hope you are strong and independent and relying on God… but not in the submissive woman way.”

But the biggest complaint was the fact that fans haven’t seen much of their five kids in the last few years. “Have missed updates on your family, especially the kids,” wrote a supporter. “Spam us like crazy with photos of the kids, we have missed a lot over the last couple years.” We hope she does! Anna returned to Twitter just one month earlier, and quickly remembered why she left. Hopefully, her experience on Instagram is better!

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