She’s setting the record straight. When Anna Duggar posted a photo of her son Marcus seemingly holding an animal in an inappropriate manner on Instagram, a fan had something to say about the picture. But the former 19 Kids and Counting star quickly clapped back at the criticism.

Anna, 31, captioned a series of photos, “Our boys had a great getaway last week at ‘Man Camp’ with Daddy, Grandpa (Pops) most of their Uncles and a ton of friends! It’s been so fun to hear Michael and Marcus tell me stories of all the fun they had fishing, horseback riding, doing camp activities and playing 4 square late into the night … These guys have grown up so fast and I’m so thankful for the treasure of being their mommy and watching them transitioning [sic] from boys to little men — I love you guys so much! 💕 #littleduggars.”

One of the photos showed Marcus holding what looked like a tiny lizard and a fan wrote, “You don’t hold a newt like that. You hold it gently in the middle of your palm.” The reality TV mom responded, “🐟 Marcus couldn’t quite figure out how to hold his fish so he held the artificial lure instead. I wouldn’t let my kids use a real salamander for fishing bait 😎 #catchandrelease.”

Anna’s fans were absolutely living for her clapback. “I love when these folks put you smarty pants in your place! Get’em @annaduggar!” one person wrote. Another replied, “Hahahaha foot meet mouth! 😂”

This is not the first time the TV personality has fired back at an Instagram follower. In January, when she posted a photo of one of her kids with her nephew, Spurgeon Seewald, one fan asked of Spurgey, “What happened to his poor toe?” Anna quickly replied, “His toe is just fine! Spurgeon must have bent it while taking the picture.” That’s certainly not the snarkiest way she could have responded, but it’s a clapback nonetheless. Do you think Anna is good at handling the haters?

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