Adopt us, please! Angelina Jolie wrote the most moving essay to her children and praised the strong women her daughters are growing up to be, and she also gushed about the type of men that her sons are becoming. She stated that she is proud to see her boys exemplifying the behavior of treating women as equals.

“I could not be prouder of my sons for the men they are becoming, the way they respect their sisters and are respected by them,” the actress and philanthropist, 44, said of her sons Maddox, 18, Pax, 15, and Knox, 11, in the in the latest issue of ELLE magazine.

Angelina Jolie Proud Sons

Angelina went on to discuss how women are often treated unfairly in our society, even comparing people’s feelings towards females to that of the Salem Witch Trials. In doing so, she makes sure to mention that she understands men face injustice as well, just not as often as women. She wrote, “none of this is to dismiss or downplay for an instant the terrible abuses against men and boys — including modern allegations of witchcraft. But looking across the world, we have to ask, why is so much energy expended to keep women in a secondary position?”

The Maleficent star also shared the advice she gives to her daughters, Zahara, 14, Shiloh, 13, and Vivienne, 11, leaving us all wishing Angelina was our mom. “I often tell my daughters that the most important thing they can do is to develop their minds,” she said. “You can always put on a pretty dress, but it doesn’t matter what you wear on the outside if your mind isn’t strong.”

Angelina Jolie Proud Sons

“There is nothing more attractive — you might even say enchanting — than a woman with an independent will and her own opinions,” Angelina added. She continued to say  that the world needs more “wicked women” or “women who refuse to follow rules and codes they don’t believe are best for themselves or their families. Women who won’t give up on their voice and rights, even at the risk of death or imprisonment or rejection by their families and communities.”

The mom of six dedicated her essay to “all the wicked women, and the men who understand them.”

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