We already knew that Anfisa Arkhipchenko doesn’t give AF about what other people think, but cooking in her underwear just took things to a whole new level. Forget clapping back at body-shamers or quitting a reality TV show like it’s nothing, the former 90 Day Fiancé star is showing that she really just can’t be bothered by getting busy in the kitchen sans pants. Splatter? Forget about it. Health and safety? It’s her kitchen! Need an apron? No way! Okay, sure, it might just be microwave oatmeal, but the concept still totally applies. In her newest YouTube video, Anfisa shows off everything she eats in a day, and it’s definitely getting hot in this kitchen. Watch the video above see her cooking in her undies and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

She doesn’t do it all in her undies, though. Actually, there are quite a few outfit changes throughout the day. Undies to jeans and tight top to sweats post-workout — she’s got a whole range of styles to show off. But mostly, we can’t take our eyes off her plate, because the food she’s making actually looks pretty good. Especially when she decides to once again say eff it and eat spaghetti at 9 a.m. Can we be on this diet plan?

Seriously, with three meals and plenty of snacks throughout the day, this seems like a healthy eating plan we could definitely stick to. Then again, we don’t hit the gym hardly as much as Anfisa, but after we’ve seen all the good things she gets to eat plus her stats, well, we just might be convinced. This star has always had a pretty awesome bod, and though she’s also dabbled with plastic surgery, it’s clear she works for her gains.

Guess we’ve gotta start doing our squats too, huh? Or maybe we can just forget about that part and eat spaghetti for breakfast in our undies. Yeah, that sounds a little more manageable to us. As for the rest of it, well, maybe we’ll hit the gym tomorrow, huh?

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