Reality TV alum Analyse Talavera admits she wouldn’t return to the Big Brother franchise, comparing the experience to being in prison in an exclusive interview with In Touch.

“Big Brother is definitely way more what’s the word? Secluded,” Analyse, 27, tells In Touch during the Little Red Retreat at UNICO 20°87° in partnership with Beachbound in Cancun, Mexico, on Tuesday, April 16. “We never see anyone outside from the real world besides when they’re setting up for our competitions, but we’re not allowed to speak to them. So basically, we just interact with everyone that’s in the house only.”

Analyse was 22 years old when she starred in season 21 of Big Brother, which aired from June to September 2019. She compared the experience to her time on The Challenge: Ride or Dies in 2022, where she says the challenges were “a lot more free” and had the space to be herself.

“You get to interact and see people from production, which makes it just feel like you’re not 100 percent in prison like Big Brother,” the California native explains during the reality TV crossover retreat. “I just felt like The Challenge was just more free. Like I felt like I could just be myself more. And I just like that you know we had time to party and have a little bit of fun too.”

Looking back on Big Brother, Analyse claims the cast was only allowed outside maybe “twice a week, if that” despite it looking like they’re able to “do whatever they want.”

Analyse Talavera Reveals Filming Big Brother Is Like 'Prison'
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“So, I feel like watching the show, it seems a lot more free, but genuinely, it really feels like you’re in prison, which sounds terrible,” the MTV alum continues. “And why would we put yourself through that?”

Analyse also reveals that while she wouldn’t be interested in returning to the Big Brother franchise, she’d consider reigniting her reality TV career for an All-Star season of the MTV show.

“I 100 percent would go back. That is my favorite show, and I just love competing. I feel like being an athlete my whole life, I feel like it’s in my blood to compete,” the former soccer player says. “So, I would probably just return because I love the show, honestly.”

Courtney Bagby Lupilin is the CEO and founder of Reality TV management firm Little Red Management. The reality TV crossover was curated in partnership with Beachbound and other popular shows represented during the retreat were Love is Blind, The Bachelor and Are You The One?.

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