Amy Roloff’s “second act” continues! Earlier this week, the Little People, Big World matriarch spent time with her two (adorable) grandbabies, Jackson and Ember, and it was all documented on Instagram. Tori and Jeremy each took to the social media platform to share pics of their two kiddos getting a swim lesson from grandma, and it’s the cutest.

“I love my little fish,” Tori wrote on a sweet pic of her baby boy before adding, “and my little fish’s grandma!”

amy roloff jackson pool

Meanwhile, Tori’s brother-in-law shared several clips of his mama with baby Embs and chose to go captionless. The cuteness speaks for itself, obv!

amy roloff ember pool

Jer did, however, reveal that he was at Roloff Farm. Recently, Amy and her estranged husband, Matt Roloff, discussed the possibility of selling the property. On the most recent season of the hit TLC show, it seemed like Matt’s romance with farm manager Caryn was the reason the 56-year-old was thinking of moving on from the farm. Even after the two divorced in 2016, Amy has continued to reside in the family home, much to Caryn’s dismay. “I don’t want to make a decision in our relationship based on what Amy might do in the future. I want to make our own decisions,” she told Matt.

Matt agreed, adding, “I just want my own path away from the farm, away from Amy. It’s always going to be awkward.”

But it sounds like things won’t be awkward for much longer. Matt bought a house in Arizona earlier this year so he and Caryn can have their own space. But don’t worry, he’s not getting rid of the farm just yet. “No, I’m not giving up on the farm,” the reality star dad revealed on Facebook Live on July 10. “There’s no way I could be away from my grandbabies for more than a couple weeks at a time, but I am coming down here more often,” Matt explained. “I do enjoy the heat and the low humidity, so I bought a house down here. It’s kind of an investment property and something to play around with. Instead of going to hotels and staying at different places, I can have one location very conducive to my short stature.” Honestly, we can’t blame him!

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