Not again! Amanda Bynes seemed to be doing so much better lately, after seeking help for her mental illnesses and enrolling in fashion school. However, sources now tell Radar that she may have had a “major relapse” and that she’s “struggling to regain control of her life. ” Watch the video below to see what’s going on with Amanda.

It’s even worse to hear that Amanda may be struggling again because she had been doing so well. “She began taking classes in the fall, even though she was kicked out before for showing up high as a kite,” said an insider. “She seemed upbeat and talked about returning to TV.” A different source also claimed she was a good student, saying “her classmates said she was quiet, kept her head down and studied hard.” Now, her education may be in jeopardy again.

Amanda seemed like one of the most steady Nickelodeon kids before her wild breakdown in 2013, when she said she wanted Drake to “murder her vagina,” pierced her cheeks, got a DUI, threw a bong out the window, claimed to be suing, well, everybody, and set her neighbor’s driveway on fire. Time and time again, Amanda insisted that she was just fine, that she was sober, and that fans had nothing to worry about, but her antics just kept getting more wild.

Things seemed kind of okay when she gave her first real interview in four years on June 9. At the time she said she was doing great and couldn’t wait to act again. Allegedly, it was the inability to find jobs that may have started this new spiral. We wish her the very best!

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