Alina Smolyar, an actress who originated from Ukraine, performed as one of the leads of the mythical siren, the Golden Woman character, in the episode “Jibaro” of the series Love, Death & Robots.

The Oscar-winning director Alberto Mielgo continued his exploration of the meaning of love and the many forms it takes in “Jibaro.” The third season of Love, Death & Robots premiered in May of this year and includes Mielgo’s return to the series after winning an Emmy for his 2019 episode, “The Witness.”

“Working on ‘Jibaro’ was something truly magical and unique,” shares Alina. “Alberto is such an astonishing, extraordinary, and phenomenally talented director that I got an honor to work with. His vision goes beyond things that people think are impossible. Alberto sees versatility in every detail. I was inspired by his vision and passion. I am limitlessly grateful to Alberto for the amazing opportunity of bringing his vision to life and becoming a part of the Golden Woman.”

“Jibaro” follows the strange but deadly attraction between a siren and a deaf knight who is immune to her magical charms. The two become obsessed with each other for selfish reasons, which leads to disastrous results.


Instead of the traditional siren from Greek mythology, Mielgo based the siren on the folklore of many different countries. Rather than entrancing men with a beautiful tune, this siren, clad in gold and jewelry, drives men into a violent frenzy with her screeching voice and seductive dance.

“Truly fantastic casting and crew!” Alina gushes. “The choreography of Sara Silkin, who created the movement language and dance of ‘Jibaro,’ and performed the Golden Woman’s pain in such a touching and heartbreaking way. Megan Goldstein, with her unbelievable flexibility, technique, unrealistic dancer’s spins, and unforgettable inside light, which she brought to the Golden Woman’s character.”

“Wonderous Girvan Swirv Bramble, the emotional range and passion that he brought to ‘Jibaro’ is outstanding,” Alina shares. “I just got so lucky to be working with such a fantastic partner.”

Courtesy of Alina Smolyar

“From an actor’s perspective, I can define the relationship between the knight and siren into three parts: curiosity, hope, and destruction. The part that I got a chance to work on was hope. Hope for the Golden Woman through her unknown passion and attraction toward the knight,” Alina continues. “By following those feelings, which gave her hope, that’s usually the exact feeling which leads us to follow desires and wishes in our life, regardless of what it might result in. I was blessed to dive in and fully embrace that feeling of hope; we all know that immense feeling of butterflies when the relationship starts, and the taste of of fireworks.”

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