90 Day Fiancé star Yara Zaya threatened to divorce her husband, Jovi Dufren, after he had a wild night with Angela Deem.

In a teaser clip for the Monday, August 28, episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort shared by People, Yara, 28, told Jovi, 33, she was upset because he chose “to go out and get drunk” with Angela, 57, instead of spend time with her.

However, Jovi explained he needed to let loose after learning Yara was secretly taking birth control because she wasn’t ready to have baby No. 2, “Okay, you’re choosing to f–king lie to me and hide s–t from me, so what do you want in return?” he said.

After Yara called his comment “disrespectful,” she insisted that she wasn’t at fault for the fight. “Jovi, I did wrong and I admit that but this is not right,” the Ukraine native said. “This is so sick. This is so f–king sick, Jovi. You are the problem.”

“Oh, I’m the problem,” he said. “You’re f–king manipulating me with f–kng birth control, that is not okay.”

Jovi later admitted in a confessional that he was having second thoughts about his night with Angela, as well as his marriage to Yara. “Maybe Angela wasn’t the best person for me to hang out with last night in the state I was in and maybe I shouldn’t have gotten so drunk but I don’t think Yara really understands how much she hurt me and how worried I am about our future,” he said.

Yara then wondered if it was best for the couple to call it quits. “We have a real problem, I’m telling you right now,” she said. “If you’re gonna do this to me, we gonna get divorced because … I do not want to do that.”

“I’m washing my hands right now. You are the problem. Go to rehab. Go do something to yourself,” Yara continued. “You have a problem and I’m so freaking hurt that you think it’s OK to do this to me. I just can’t! This is not normal! Bringing somebody into my bed, that’s not okay and I’m sorry but I’m so freaking hurt right now.”

Yara admitted that she was secretly taking birth control during the August 21 episode of the TLC show.

“So you know you’re always talking to have a second baby and I always tell you I’m not ready, just not the time,” she told Jovi during a therapy session. “I’ve been hiding from you I’ve been taking the birth control and I didn’t tell you about that [sic].”

90 Day Fiance's Yara Zaya Threatens to Divorce Jovi Dufren After His Wild Night Out With Angela Deem
Courtesy of Jovi Dufren/Instagram

While Jovi was visibly upset by the news, Yara insisted it was the best decision for them. “It’s better for you gonna be mad on me, then I gonna get pregnant and bring the baby to the world for not this healthy relationship [sic],” she explained.

However, Jovi said he took it personally because he thought they were trying to become pregnant. “I know I can be adamant about what I want and maybe a little pushy sometimes but I really feel like you blindsided me,” he said during a confessional. “And you shouldn’t have done this in front of everyone, like we should’ve done this in a private setting.”

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