Things came to a head between Tim Malcolm and Jamal Menzies on the Monday, January 22, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life. Amid Jamal’s relationship with Tim’s ex-fiancée Veronica Rodriguez, tensions were certainly high.

The episode featured Jamal, 28, visiting Veronica, 38, in North Carolina. Veronica admitted that she hoped her boyfriend would move to Charlotte to be with her and he told her that he didn’t “appreciate” the pressure she was putting on him. He also told Veronica that “the room gets grey” when Tim, 43, is around.

Although Veronica and Tim ended their engagement in 2015, they have remained best friends. However, his skepticism about her relationship with Jamal has been a point of contention. When Tim met up with Veronica, Jamal and Jamal’s friends at a bar, an explosive argument erupted.

'90 Day Fiance' Stars Tim and Jamal Get Into Heated Fight Over Veronica on 'The Single Life'
Courtesy of Veronica Rodriguez/Instagram

Jamal pointed out that Tim doesn’t like him and Tim insisted that his opinion shouldn’t matter. He assured Jamal that it was just going to “take time” for him to come around. Jamal sent Tim over the edge when he mentioned the North Carolina native’s relationship with Veronica’s teenage daughter, Chloe, who Tim helped raise.

“We’re going to sit here pretending Tim is the father of the year,” Jamal complained. Tim pointed out that he “raised Chloe for 12 years,” and the men stood up and began shouting at each other. The public spat exploded in the middle of the bar.

Tim has been open with Veronica regarding his concerns about Jamal. Earlier this season, she told Tim that she and Jamal had agreed to make their relationship exclusive and Tim pointed out that Veronica’s boyfriend doesn’t even have a job or his own place to live. Tim was admittedly “shocked” by Veronica’s decision to get more serious with Jamal.

The two started dating in December 2022. Jamal’s mother, Kim Menzies, is a fellow 90 Day Fiancé franchise star and Veronica reached out to Jamal for recommendations when she was visiting San Diego, which is his hometown. Although they “hit it off,” they agreed to keep their relationship “open” at first, which worried Tim, who didn’t think Veronica was actually OK with the “open” arrangement.

“She doesn’t feel comfortable saying yet, ‘Hey, you’ve got to get rid of the other girls,’” Tim insisted. “I actually can’t believe you’re lowering yourself to that, that you don’t deserve someone who’s going to put you on a pedestal. It’s sad to me.”

Despite her ex’s concerns, Veronica gave things a chance with Jamal. “I want to settle down, like, forever-ever with someone and I just want things to keep going well for Jamal and I’s relationship,” Veronica shared. “I think it’s worth the risk but if he hurts me, it, you know, could crush me.”

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