90 Day Fiancé star Mary Demasu-ay’s grandparents set house rules for her and her boyfriend, Brandan De Nuccio, before he moved in with them.

Mary, 23, had a conversation with her grandmother Lucia and grandfather Dionesio hours before Brandan, 23, arrived to their home in the Philippines during the Monday, July 24, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

“When Brandan comes, you should love each other, don’t fight with each other,” Lucia, who has expressed concerns about the couple’s intense fights in the past, said. Dionesio added, “And he needs to respect us so that we know if he loves you or not.”

Dionesio then explained what he will be “OK with” when it comes to their physical contact. “For example, don’t do it with him,” he said before Lucia added, “Yes. You should not do it with him.”

After Mary asked her grandparents what exactly they were expected to abstain from, Dionesio said to not “sleep with him.”

Dionesio added that before Brandan “can hug you or hold your hand, he must first ask for my permission and your grandmother’s,” which the grandparents explained is a simple gesture out of “respect.”

While Mary understood the rules in light of her family’s Filipino culture, the TLC personality admitted she struggled with her desire to express her affection for Brandan physically after they spent the first two years of their relationship exclusively speaking over FaceTime.

“I have been waiting for two years to hold his hand and know how it feels like to touch his hair and hug him. I always respect my grandparents. But I don’t want to tell Brandan we can’t do anything without their permission,” she said in a confessional. “I just want it to be natural when I [meet] him for the first time. I don’t know what to do.”

Meanwhile, Mary’s grandparents explained they set the rules because they want what’s best for her. “We raised her. It’s difficult when a child has been left to you because I am already old and the father should be the one to raise his child,” Dionesio said. “I’m worried for her.”

During the July 10 episode, fans watched the couple fight over Mary’s trust issues as Brandan traveled from Oregon to the Philippines. However, he seemingly forgave her when they met in person for the first time at the airport and shared a kiss.

90 Day Fiance's Mary's Grandparents Set House Rules for Her and Brandan As He Moves In With Them

“When I finally see Brandan I’m overwhelmed with emotions,” Mary said in a confessional. “Like, butterflies in my stomach. So, even though my grandfather and my brother told me that I’m not allowed to kiss him, I don’t care about it anymore because I want to, and I need to.”

While viewers have watched the couple face problems amid their codependent relationship, Brandan and Mary are seemingly still together and have tied the knot. In Touch exclusively shared that Brandan’s mother, Angela Stiggins, posted several photos of their wedding reception via social media in April.

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