After a brief separation, 90 Day Fiancé star Ariela Weinberg moved back in with her husband, Biniyam Shibre, but admitted her reasoning was strictly “financial.”

Ariela, 33, revealed she moved out of the couples’ shared Las Vegas apartment and into a hotel during the Monday, January 22 episode of 90 Day Diaries. The New Jersey native moved back into their marital home, but was clear that her motivations were not romantic.

“I’ve been pretty unhappy because loving someone who doesn’t love you back is just poison for my soul. I don’t want to do it anymore,” Ariela tearfully told her husband as he looked at the ground. Meanwhile, Biniyam, 33, said he was trying to “fix” the situation but the mom of one was “controlling.”

In a private confessional, Ariela felt Biniyam had “no idea” what the real issue was. The freelance writer first opened up about the issues in her marriage during the January 8 episode of the spinoff, complaining about the dad of one not being present and spending “less and less” time inside of their home.

“To be honest, you haven’t been very nice to me,” Ariela told the Ethiopia native in a heated conversation. “I’ve needed your help, you haven’t been around much to help me. And I just think that you’ve been spending so much time with your friends … and I’m happy you have friends but I feel like they’re more important to you than your family is.”

Ariela introduced her relationship with Biniyam on season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way in June 2020 after initially connecting in his native of Ethiopia while on an overseas trip. Shortly into their romance, the couple learned they were expecting their first child together and welcomed son Avi in December 2019.

The couple documented their relocation to the States during season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé, which premiered on TLC in April 2022. Following his arrival, Biniyam had aspirations of becoming a professional MMA fighter and fans watched as the couple clashed over the costs of training, along with Ariela feeling like it wasn’t a practical career path to support their family.

“Bini believes anything is possible, and that’s so wonderful, that’s so lovely, but I’ve done the research,” the TLC personality told producers during the May 22, 2022, episode. “And most MMA fighters really don’t make that much money, and a lot of the money that they make goes right back into their training again.”

Ariela and Biniyam have seemingly worked things out as the pair were spotted celebrating Timkat on January 20. “Melkam Timkat. And Happy Birthday to Javi (Wish’s son) and a belated birthday party for Avi,” Ari captioned a festive clip as she celebrated with Biniyam’s family.

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