Fans first met 90 Day Fiancé U.K. stars Kadie and Alejandro on season 1 of the spinoff, as the pair struggled to determine where they wanted to start their lives together. While Alejandro wasn’t keen on England’s weather and Kadie was unsure of her career in Mexico, fans are wondering if they are still together. 

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance U.K.’ Stars Alejandro and Kadie Meet?

Kadie and Alejandro met after the Mexico native slid into her messages on a website meant for international daters. 

“Something inside just told me to respond to the message. I think he’s gorgeous,” the nurse explained during her season 1 debut in July 2022. “Me and Alejandro have both said that we want to get married. We both want that forever thing.” 

What Obstacles Did ‘90 Day Fiance U.K.’ Stars Kadie and Alejandro Face?

During season 1 of the spinoff, fans watched as Alejandro visited Kadie in England and in return, Kadie visited Alejandro in his native of Mexico. 

While Alejandro felt homesick and disliked the gloominess of the U.K., Kadie felt she couldn’t make a good living as a nurse in Mexico’s economy and also didn’t want to leave her dog and grandmother behind. Despite the 90 Day Fiancé alums struggling to determine where they wanted to start their lives following their wedding, Alejandro agreed to move to England to be with Kadie.

When the pair returned for season 2, Kadie and Alejandro were in full-blown wedding mode and planned to have their ceremony in Mexico. While the pair almost didn’t make it down the aisle due to paperwork issues and a storm, Kadie and Alejandro tied the knot during the August 13, 2023, episode. 

“The wedding day has been everything other than straightforward,” Kadie explained alongside Alejandro in a confessional with producers. “And no matter what, even though we’re in the dark because of a blackout, we are husband and wife.”

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Are ‘90 Day Fiance U.K.’ Stars Kadie and Alejandro Still Together?

Despite getting married on season 2 of the spinoff, Kadie confirmed her split from Alejandro in July 2023. 

“I think now is the time to say that we’re not together anymore,” the United Kingdom native said in an emotional Instagram post on July 24, revealing season 2 had been filmed over a year ago. “It’s really hard to talk about and this is why like, I can’t do it.” 

She added that she was dealing with some really “hard things,” but hoped people could be respectful. 

“Everyone in my circle has known since this happened and no one hounds me with questions that loves me,” Kadie continued. “But I just feel I don’t need to explain to anybody, but I felt like I could post a photo of an apple and people would be like, ‘When are you seeing Alejandro?’ and it’s just so hard.” 

The TLC alum promised that she would share what happened in her relationship “in time.”

Is 90 Day Fiance’s Kadie Pregnant With Alejandro’s Baby?

Despite confirming their split, Kadie revealed in September 2023 that she was pregnant and expecting her first child with Alejandro. 

“I want to share the last year of my life with you. It’s been an emotional roller coaster to say the least, but it’s finally time to share my news with the world,” Kadie shared in a video posted on Instagram. The clip began with the U.K. native smiling while in her white dress on her wedding day, however, it then cut to a scene of her in tears while in bed. “It’s finally time to clear the air and hopefully people will understand why I’ve been so private about the breakup, as it’s truly nearly destroyed me.”

She continued, “As a married couple, this is something we dreamed of in our future and spoke about almost every day. My heart got broken into a thousand pieces by someone who I thought would be by my side forever.” 

While she battled with the guilt of bringing a child into the world with no father, she realized “her love was more than enough.”

“Although my baby wasn’t planned right now, they’ve come at the right time and I already love them so much,” she went on. “I can’t promise to be perfect, but what I can promise is to love you with my full heart and more.”

Underneath her initial post, she revealed in the comment section that Alejandro has chosen to not be a part of the baby’s life. 

“This absolutely breaks my heart into a million pieces and you’ve no idea how much I wish things were different,” she wrote, adding it was 100% his decision. “I can’t speak on behalf of Alejandro, but I will say he decided a long time ago that he did not want to be part of the baby’s life and has not changed his mind on it. I can confirm he has not spoke to me since I left his house in Mexico. I refuse to give my opinions or say nasty things on social media about him because one day our child could read it.”

Kadie gave birth to baby No. 1, a son named Ozzie Armando, on February 9, 2024.

“Last week I became a Mummy, and honestly you get told all the time how much you’ll love your baby but I don’t think it’s something you can actually understand until your baby gets put into your arms,” Kadie shared the news via Instagram on February 18, 2024. “I am totally and utterly in love with my little one, and I know how many of you are so excited for the news! So let me introduce my beautiful baby boy to you all. Welcome to the world, Ozzie Armando.”

Despite starting the parenting journey alone, she added, “No matter what’s happened in my past all of it was so worth it FOR YOU. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and made me feel a love that I never knew existed until I met you.”

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