In hot water. 90 Day Fiancé star Nicole Nafziger’s father, Tyler, has been arrested for battery and possession of drug paraphernalia, In Touch can confirm. The TLC alum is currently in custody following an alleged altercation between him and a woman at a gas station near Manatee County in Florida on Monday, October 21. 

“The victim stated she had met the offender a couple of days ago and he agreed to help her move out of her half way house (not a domestic relationship),” according to the police report.

As far as what happened, “The victim stated she got into a verbal argument by the offender’s vehicle with the offender. The victim stated the argument turned physical when the offender put his arm around her throat.”

The woman was apparently able to breathe during their alleged dispute and she “was not in fear for her life,” but “thought he was going to hurt her.”

“The victim stated she was able to get away from the offender. The victim stated the offender then ran to the driver side door and got into the vehicle. The victim stated she then tried to push the driver side door closed so the offender could not open it and get out.”

Tyler Nafziger Mugshot Arrest for Battery and Possession
Manatee County Sheriff’s Department

According to the report, when the woman was pushing on the door, Tyler allegedly grabbed her hand and she yelled for help before he ultimately let go of her and drove off.

An eyewitness, who happened to be at the gas station that day, also told the officer there was an argument between the two of them, claiming the woman tried to hop in the passenger side of Tyler’s car at one point.

Tyler then allegedly “grabbed the victim in a ‘headlock’ and pulled her out of the car. The witness stated as he walked up to the vehicle, the offender drove away.” Furthermore, the surveillance video was “consistent” with what the witness and alleged victim said about what transpired that afternoon.

When police did eventually track down Tyler in his vehicle, he was arrested. Before he was whisked away in cuffs, Tyler informed them that he did have a glass pipe in his right front pocket, which later tested positive for cocaine.

Tyler has a bond of $500 for each charge.

Nicole Nafziger Instagram Selfie
Courtesy of Nicole Nafziger/Instagram

In a statement provided to In Touch, Nicole said, “give me and my family space.”

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