Uh oh! Molly Hopkins’ Dominican ex-husband, Luis Mendez, was portrayed as one of 90 Day Fiancé‘s biggest villains — and apparently, he’s not too happy about it.

On Thursday, Jan. 25, the reality star took to Instagram to vent his frustrations and threatened to sue TLC for making him look bad. “Immigrant people only are trash for TLC, I want to meet a lawyer in NYC to sue those bastards,” he wrote in the caption. Oh, and he’s also not happy about not getting paid — which is the case for all non-American cast members on the show.

Molly and Luis met while she was on a girls’ trip in the Dominican Republic. On an episode of the show, she recalled the first time she saw him. “I was at a bar and all of a sudden the people parted and there was Luis. He said to me, ‘I’m gonna marry you; you’re gonna be my wife.’ It was love at first sight.”

Unfortunately, it appears as though their romance has fizzled. The duo revealed that they tied the knot on the season finale of the hit TLC show on Dec. 18, although they weren’t exactly on good terms when they did it. Luis deeply offended Molly when he disrespected her children, and then she called off the wedding. Fans weren’t sure if they were going to work things out or if they were even still together, but new receipts point to no!

It all started when Luis posted a selfie on Dec. 30 with the caption, “What’s goin’ on?” Fans kept asking where Molly was, but he ignored their inquiries and just said that 90 Day Fiancé was “more fake than real.” After being tagged by a fan, Molly responded by saying, “bulls–t.” When a fan asked Molly, “What’s BS? The girls flirting with your husband or what he said about the show being fake?” She snapped, saying, “I don’t care about those chicks ???? Maybe one will hang with him tonight while I’m in OKC ??.” Yikes.

Not long after, Luis shared why Molly wouldn’t care if he visited “chicks” while she’s away. When a female Instagram user asked for Luis’ Snapchat name, he responded by saying “I can’t give my social media now bc she is divorcing me, and I have to respect now but when she done about that I can give it.” It’s unclear if by “done about that” he means once he’s divorced, or once Molly stops being mad and doesn’t want a divorce anymore. Either way, we’re pretty shocked to hear that these two are considering ending their relationship so soon!

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