Being on a reality TV show brings a lot of scrutiny from the public, but it's especially heightened for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After star Loren Brovarnik. She tried to keep her Tourette syndrome twitches a secret throughout Season 1 of the TLC series, but it eventually came to light — and now she's become an advocate who raises awareness about the nervous system disorder.

Loren was extremely upset with her husband Alexei Brovarnik last season when he told his mother about her Tourette's because she doesn't like to open up about her disorder. Tourette's causes ticks which are repetitive, involuntary movements and sounds. She said she was diagnosed when she was seven years old and she struggled with it ever since, and she even tried to hide it on the show.

"I tried to hide it as much as I could from the cameras," the 29-year-old said and started to cry. "People noticed and I think that made it worse — and let me tell you, people are mean. People are very, very mean. They are so quick to judge."

But Loren quickly learned that her hubby and his family would never judge her for having Tourette's and they've actually been extremely sweet and supportive. During last week's episode, Alexei's mother learned that Tourette's is heredity and there is a 50/50 chance that Loren and Alexei's future children could be born with the disorder, but she was extremely accepting.

Now that she has opened up about living with Tourette's, she's using her platform as a reality star to spread awareness about it. She attended an event for the Tourette Association of America earlier this year to share her story and shortly after last week's episode aired, she posted a video clip asking her fans to visit the organization's website in order to learn more.

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Just because you can't always see it, doesn't mean it's not always there. I was having some technical issues before, so for those of you who didn't see my video…✌🏼❤️🙏🏼 #youarenotalone #lovewhoyouare #thisisme #90dayfiance @touretteassociation @iseemrsb

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"Just because you can't always see it, doesn't mean it's not always there," she wrote in the caption, adding the empowering hashtags "#YouAreNotAlone" and "#LoveWhoYouAre."

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