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’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Paola Mayfield Throws Some Major Shade at Anfisa Arkhipchenko

Is there a feud brewing between Anfisa Arkipchenko and Paola Mayfield? The 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After stars both have their own issues in their marriages but Pao took to Instagram to address hers — and she seemingly threw some subtle shade at Anfisa in her caption!

During this week's episode of the hit TLC series, Paola's husband Russ Mayfield finally reunited in Miami after months of living apart. The couple went out to dinner so that Russ could meet Pao's friends, but they got into an argument because Russ felt that Pao didn't take his side or stand up for him when her pal Juan started making fun of him. She posted an adorable photo of the couple and apologized to her hubby in the caption.

"I'm sorry I didn't back you up with [Juan] but you know I would never strike you," the 30-year-old wrote, and many fans interpreted the last part of her statement as a jab at her 21-year-old co-star, Anfisa.

Fans have watched Anfisa get physical during her arguments with her husband Jorge Garcia. She's hit him twice already during Season 2 — the first time was during their meeting with lawyers as they attempted to draft up their post-nuptial agreement. Anfisa was anxious to get a postnup because shortly after she married Jorge, she found out that he was not making as much money as he led on and he revealed that he was in a lot of debt — and she didn't want to be responsible for any of his financial mistakes.

“The only thing I want on the agreement is about the debt and that’s all,” Anfisa said during the meeting. “And I’m not going to agree to anything else.”

Sensing that the couple needed to talk things over in private, the lawyers left the room — and that’s when Anfisa got violent. After Jorge told her that she was “too immature” to discuss money matters, she raised her right hand and slapped Jorge — but he blocked it. Her hand narrowly missed his face and connecting with his arm instead.

She hit Jorge a second time after he told her that he wanted to meet up with one of his sisters for dinner — and many fans took to Twitter to ask TLC why producers did not intervene and stop Anfisa's spousal abuse. One fan wrote, "It's disgusting how Anfisa hits [Jorge]! [TLC] take her off the show! If a man was hitting a woman he'd be in jail!"

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