Is someone from her past trying to expose her? Fans are just getting to know new 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days stars Jon Walters and Rachel Bear, but there is a lot of dirt being dug up from the couple’s past — especially Rachel’s! So far this season, Rachel has been sharing her journey as a single mom traveling to England with her eight-month-old daughter to meet her online boyfriend Jon for the first time in person and now, a woman who claims to be her baby daddy’s mother is slamming her online.

“I have something [to say] about this so-called woman Rachel,” the woman wrote in a lengthy Facebook rant. “Rachel led my son on (not that he is without some fault) she purposely led him on to get pregnant (why I have no idea). She has a daughter and my son has [four] sons, they planned on moving in together, rented a house together, [two] days before they were scheduled to move in together she decided not to do it, and then she said he couldn’t go to any more doctor’s appointments, he wanted to be a part of the babies [sic] life. She just took off and wouldn’t respond to his texts.”

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This is the way Rachel explained her relationship with her daughter Lucy’s father: She met Jon on a karaoke app and thought he was cute, but didn’t think he would be interested in pursuing a relationship with her so she continued to date locally in her hometown of Albuquerque. She was in a relationship with Lucy’s dad, but things didn’t work out so they broke up and she started dating Jon online, but she found out she was pregnant not long into their relationship. Jon accepted Rachel’s pregnancy and he views her daughter Lucy as his own.

The woman who claims to be Lucy’s grandmother said that Rachel is “pure evil” and she also explained why her son decided not to fight for rights as Lucy’s biological dad.

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“You may ask, ‘Why didn’t he fight for rights?’ It’s because he just went through it and because he knew what she was capable of, she had taken her own husband back to court. Very expensive and he would have to pay all the expenses for a paternity test,” the woman claimed. “Rachel Bear you are one mean and hateful person. You never notified anyone that you had the baby or let anyone be a part of her life, you are a selfish b—–d. You robbed her of meeting any of her family. You endangered her and your other daughter [sic] lives by picking up some guy on the internet.”

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