We’re finally hearing his side of the story! When 90 Day Fiancé fans were introduced to Jon Walters and Rachel Bear earlier this season on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, they quickly found out that Jon had a dark past. Rachel explained that Jon has a criminal record and a history of being violent, and now, Jon is opening up about his troubled past.

“When I was young, I grew up in not a great area, having to choose between being stamped on or fighting to get away. And when I felt people wronged me or saw things I didn’t like, I acted. And some of the times I got into a fight with multiple people,” Jon told Rachel in a scene from a recent episode.

He went on to explain that all of the charges on his criminal record are assault charges. In his youth, he had gotten into about 50-60 physical fights because his mentality was if someone got violent with him, then he would just get violent back. But out of all of those fights, five of them led to convictions — and Jon’s most serious conviction happened when he was in college and he injured someone.

“I was at uni and I’d been out with some friends. Stuff escalated and I ended up punching a group of guys in the face,” Jon said. “Why? It’s a group of guys. They get a few drinks inside of them, they think it’s acceptable to say disrespectful things to women and they think they’re untouchable because there’s a big group of ‘em. I got really mad and they tried grabbing me, and by the end of it, they all got punched. They arrested me, and I was convicted of bodily harm without intent — which basically means, he did sustain an injury.”

Jon hit his victim so hard that he suffered an eye injury, and he pleaded guilty. Even though he didn’t go to prison, he was kicked out of school. Even though Rachel said it did worry her that Jon could get so violent if he’s provoked, she made him promise that something like this would never happen again.

“Growing up, I never had anything to lose by fighting and now I have,” Jon said. “I promise you I wouldn’t get into trouble.”

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