She’s just being honest! 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Darcey Silva sat down for an extremely candid interview with Jenny McCarthy on her Sirius XM radio show where she revealed the status of her relationship with her hot, way younger boyfriend Jesse Meester — and she even threw a little shade at her man! Darcey didn’t think that Jesse would ever hear the interview because he is still living in Amsterdam, but since the interview was uploaded on YouTube, he definitely heard what his lady said and it definitely had him feeling some type of way.

Darcey and Jesse have experienced a lot of ups and downs throughout their long-distance relationship, and they’ve sparked multiple rumors of them splitting up, getting back together, and even getting married. But Darcey clarified that while she and Jesse are still very much together, they are not engaged and they are not married yet.

Jenny dove right into some of the biggest issues in Jesse and Darcey’s relationship that played out during last season. Jenny pointed out that Darcey almost immediately let Jesse take a dominant role in their relationship as she became more submissive and Darcey agreed, and said that her one regret is that she didn’t speak up fo herself more in the beginning of her relationship.

But Jenny didn’t let Darcey off the hook and she got real with her. “I feel like his controlling side is chipping away at you where you’re not going to recognize who you are,” Jenny told Darcey. “Do you feel that way sometimes?”

“Yeah, I mean, no one’s perfect but sometimes I feel like I don’t have my voice, I don’t speak up as much,” Darcey agreed. She admitted that she considers her relationship with Jesse to be toxic at times and she also revealed that she felt the fame from the show has gone to his head a bit and changed him.

Just a few days after the interview was uploaded online, Jesse took to Instagram to share some new modeling shots but he wrote a very cryptic message in the captions that seemed like a response to Darcey’s comments.

“When you distant [sic] yourself from a toxic person, they will try to control how others see you. The lies and misinformation will feel unfair, but stay above it,” he wrote. “You know better, just like the real people around you will. Cut the poisonous and fake people off, with no hesitation and no explanation. Life’s short. Don’t waste any more time on fakers and backstabbers.”

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