It was one of the most explosive scenes in all of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Danielle Jbali had just tied the knot with Mohamed Jbali and it was supposed to be happily ever after for them — but it seemed like Mohamed had other intentions. Danielle caught Mohamed chatting online with multiple women, and as soon as he got his green card, he packed up and moved with one of them to Miami, so Danielle flew from Ohio to Florida to confront him. Now, in an exclusive interview with In Touch, Danielle is telling all about Mohamed’s cheating scandal and she’s revealing behind-the-scenes details that the cameras didn’t show.

Danielle exclusively revealed to In Touch that she would not have found out about what Mohamed was doing behind her back if she hadn’t done a little investigative work using social media, which is how she found all of his conversations.

“I would even message the women to see what was going on,” Danielle revealed. “One of the incidents with Mohamed, I had found a receipt and I had found the ladies’ name and I had reached out to her. At first, she blocked me and then, a couple days later she ended up unblocking me and saying, ‘Look, if I was married to this person, I would want to know the truth.’ And then that’s when she came out and told me, yeah she’s been sending [him] money and she was trying to get him to come to Canada to go into business with him and stuff like that.”

That’s what prompted Danielle to start gathering all of the evidence of Mohamed’s conversations with other women so that she could bring it with her to court to try to prove that he committed marriage fraud. If Danielle could have proved that, she would have been able to get their marriage anulled so he could be deported to his native country of Tunisia instead of a divorce, which would eventually allow him to keep his green card and remain in the United States.

But Danielle explained that the way she reacted and responded to Mohamed in that situation isn’t an accurate depiction of who she is as a person, but she earned a reputation as a “crazy” ex-wife because of it.

“[That’s] not really me,” Danielle said. “I’ve tried to explain that because in the heat of the moment, you say something, you do something you normally wouldn’t do. Normally, when I went to Miami, I would have never contacted Mohamed but he had pissed me off.”

Danielle was so angry with Mohamed that they had a blowout fight out in the street outside of his apartment — which escalated to the point that police were called. But Danielle explained that there was a very big reason why they took their argument to the streets — and TLC producers chose not to include it in the episode.

She explained that she had befriended a female fan via social media and she thought their friendship was genuine, but it turned out that wasn’t the case. That female fan was also friends with Mohamed, and he had been spending time in his apartment with her when Danielle pulled up on Mohamed in Miami, and that’s when things went left.

“The Miami scene, when I first walked into the apartment, the stalker fan who I thought I was friends with was inside the apartment and I was not talking with her in there,” Danielle revealed. “So that’s how we ended up out in the street cause she was in there and she wouldn’t leave and I wasn’t going to talk with her there because it wasn’t her business.”

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