Are 90 Day Fiancé stars Amber Graney and Daniel Salazar still together? The couple made their debut on season 1 of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise and returned to continue to share their many relationship hurdles on the sophomore season of the spinoff. Keep scrolling to learn everything we know about Amber and Daniel’s current relationship status.

How Did Amber and Daniel Meet?

Amber and Daniel made their debut on the franchise in 2021. Amber was a restaurant server from Seminole, Florida, and Daniel was originally from Venezuela but lived in Jaco, Costa Rica. They met in Costa Rica when Amber was traveling in the country with a friend. Daniel and his roommate went up to Amber and her friend at a bar, and their chemistry was so intense that they hooked up that night.

“As I continued to travel, he contacted me every single day and the last trip I made to Costa Rica, I got engaged,” she explained in a July 2021 confessional, showing off a modest silver band. She documented her last trip to Costa Rica on the show, so she could help Daniel prepare for his K-1 visa interview.

Did Amber and Daniel Get Married?

By the time they returned for Diaries, Daniel’s visa had been approved. They filmed his arrival in America from Costa Rica as he and Amber began the 90-day journey leading up to the altar. Their modest wedding ceremony played out on the Monday, March 28 episode. In Touch can confirm Amber and Daniel tied the knot on August 3, 2021.

One day before their nuptials aired on TV, Amber took to Instagram to reflect on the stress of her K-1 visa journey with her husband and their rush to plan a wedding on just a $1,000 budget. “I think at some point in our lives we all think about our fairytale wedding,” the blonde beauty captioned a photo of her trying on a wedding dress in a store. “Since I was a child I knew my colors, flowers, and dress. I had always dreamt of my Prince Charming and how we would have our happy ending. Little did I know, my dream would become somewhat of a nightmare.”

“I never planned on having a wedding within 90 days. I never imagined marrying someone from another country, culture, yet alone language. I never thought my path to marriage was going to be so challenging. I didn’t realize my wedding date would rely on paperwork and a government decision,” she continued. “This may not be the dress I wore in my wedding, but it’s not about a dress, it’s about little moments. I realized my dreams had to be put on hold Bc our situation was bigger than my fairytale, OUR REALITY was more important. Our nuptials are not traditional and our wedding is nothing I dreamt of, yet it was none the less perfect. It was OUR kind of perfect.”

Are Amber and Daniel Still Together?

Amber and Daniel were lucky enough to make it down the aisle but it hasn’t been a marriage in paradise. 

“It’s easy to fall in love when you’re on vacation,” Amber told producers during their season 2 return in June 2022. “But in real life, there’s nothing magical about it.” 

While the pair are finally living in the same country, suburban life may not have been everything the newly wedded had signed up for. Amber also noted that the weekend they got married was the weekend she bought a home — which put them in a tough spot financially.

With Daniel’s work permit yet to arrive, Amber has financially supported her husband and she admitted she’s grown “resentful.” “Even the smallest things led to a big argument with Daniel,” she told producers during a June 2022 episode. “It’s just hard being the one who’s going to work and paying all the bills and then also coming home and having to clean up around the house.” 

However, despite the struggles, the pair are still fighting for their relationship.

“They say ‘life will never give you more than you can handle’ … except on a K-1 visa, they forgot to add that part,” Amber wrote via her Instagram Stories in July 2022 alongside a loved-up picture of her and Daniel. “No one can prepare you for the waiting period. No one told me I would be all these roles because I only thought I would be wife. Not accountant, translator, mom, maid, Uber driver, coach, secretary, therapist … and still work full time.” 

Courtesy of Amber Graney/Instagram

“So yes, I took on more than I could have ever imagined,” the Florida resident continued. “Having to manage not only my mental stability and then making sure Daniel is okay as well, it’s a lot for one person.”

Asking viewers to “forgive” her for “not handling it perfectly,” she added, “I am human. But to be clear, I have never lost sight of my LOVE for Daniel and US succeeding together. PERIOD.”

In December 2022, the TLC alums celebrated one year of marriage. 

“Marriage is everything you make it,” Amber shared via social media. “Just reflecting on this last year.”

A month later, Amber opened up to her social media followers about the pressures of a reality TV romance. 

“​​I’m penalized for taking on too much. Sometimes people crack and can’t take on everything when they thought they could,” Amber captioned a January 2023 Instagram Reel. “It’s crazy, the amount of pressure I carry, yet I’m not allowed to relive any. I am one year into marriage and sometimes we take out things on the people we love the most. So give me some grace. I had never expected any of this.”

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