In the midst of heartbreaking news, it seems like 90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem has confirmed her marriage to Michael Ilesanmi. On Sunday, February 9, the 53-year-old took to Instagram to share an obituary for her late mother, Glenda Standridge, after her death. But in the sweet tribute to her late mom’s life, Angela seemed to confirm that she and Michael are already married.

“Mrs. Glenda Faye Standridge, age 77, died Saturday, February 8, 2020, at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida,” the announcement read. “Survivors include her daughter Angela Deem and son-in-law, Michael Ilesanmi of Hazelhurst.”

Just hours after her mom’s death, Angela took to Instagram to share an emotional tribute. “We love you moma [sic], but God loves you more! Rest in peace mama 💔😞🙏♥️. We love and will miss you. ♥️,” the Georgia native wrote.

While the heartbreaking news played out in real-time, fans watched as Angela and Michael, 31, came to a decision about where to have their wedding on the Sunday, February 9 episode — either in Angela’s hometown of Hazelhurst, Georgia or Michael’s native city of Lagos, Nigeria. Angela wanted to marry in the United States so that her mother could attend her wedding, but after Michael’s K-1 visa was denied, it seemed like their only hope to be together is if they went through with the wedding in Nigeria, then applied for the spousal visa. In one scene, they both went to the local wedding registry to learn more about their options.

“Getting married with the spousal visa, is that a better chance to get him with me where he belongs in the United States?” Angela asked. The registrar said if they chose to get married in Nigeria first, Michael would have a better chance at being approved for the spousal visa.

“That shows you are resolute on this. It is what you want to do,” he explained. “This is the best way.” The registrar asked if they were ready to start the process today, or if they wanted to go home and think about it more. “Honestly, I’ve had my mind set on getting married in the United States. But coming here, just right now, talking to you. You told me what I needed to hear from you as an official, you know,” she said before taking a deep breath. “Let’s go ahead and sign this registry.”

The registrar then laid out the next steps for the couple. They would have to fill the marriage form out online, and they would also need to get one of Angela’s loved ones to come over as a witness.

“It is also very important for the legitimacy of your wedding, that somebody close to you—your son, your brother, your friend, your mom, your dad, somebody [come] over as a witness,” he told Angela. “I don’t have no one that can come,” Angela said. “Ah, no? It’s a mandatory requirement here in Ikoyi Marriage Registry, Lagos. Anything short of that, the marriage will be rendered invalid,” he told her.

Ultimately, Angela and Michael came up with a compromise. They would begin planning a wedding in Nigeria while also appealing Michael’s K-1 visa denial. If they win the K-1 visa appeal, they would call off the wedding in Nigeria and plan to wed in the United States with the 90 days allotted. If the appeal is denied, they would go through with the wedding in Nigeria.

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