Fans are in for a wild ride when it comes to Shelby Stults‘ story on MTV‘s 16 and Pregnant. The 18-year-old got pregnant after hooking up with her ex, only to find out afterward that he had a 6-month-old baby with another girl. In an exclusive interview with In Touch, the teen mom revealed that she would like her daughter Alaya Leraé to know her half-sister.

“So far [my ex’s other kid and Alaya] have met,” Shelby said. “But in the future, I hope that they get to have a sister bond and everything.”

As for Alaya’s dad’s involvement, Shelby says he helps out “here and there” but it’s not enough. “We aren’t together, so that probably throws a lot of it off for him to not be around too much,” she said. “But I feel like he could do a little bit more.”

Shelby 16 and Pregnant
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Despite her relationship with her ex, the reality star is good friends with his sister — so much so, that she was the very first person Shelby revealed the news to. “[When I found out I was pregnant] I was with a different friend, which is my ex’s sister and I told her first,” she said. “And then I think I told [my other friend] Chudlyn and then I talked to my mom.”

The teenager decided to tell her mom the big news at the same time she told her some other big news — she had gotten a tattoo. “At the same time that I told her that I was pregnant, I told her about the tattoo that I got, so that was fun,” Shelby said. “[My mom] just had a feeling that that’s what I was gonna say, ’cause I never call her back to my room and I’m like, ‘Can we talk?’ So she figured kinda that’s what I was going to say.”

“I kind of expected her to be more mad,” she continued. “I think that she was scared and everything, but I don’t think she was angry. And if she was, she didn’t take it out on me.”

Fans can tune into Shelby’s story on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant starting Tuesday, March 16, at 9 p.m. ET. 

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