The animosity between Vannessa Cross and her sister, Jakie Cross, reached an all-time high after an argument over breakfast on the latest episode of 1000-Lb. Best Friends.

Drama ignited when Jakie returned home with a ​​smorgasbord of food one morning, including sprinkled pancakes, an assortment of doughnuts, hash browns, eggs as well as sausage links. 

vannessa cross 1000 lb best friends
Courtesy of Vannessa Cross/Instagram

“Oh my god that looks amazing,” Vannessa, 44, said during the awkward scene which aired on Monday, February 14. “But I mean, I can’t eat 90 percent of that.”

Jakie told her sibling that she should go for it anyway, telling Vannessa that she wants her “to be happy” and can just eat in moderation.

Although Vannessa was tempted by the spread, she pointed out to Jakie that she was very serious about trying to make a lifestyle change in order to be approved for weight loss surgery by Dr. Procter, especially after falling short of her goals during her latest appointment. 

This time around, Vannessa was back up to 441.6 pounds after getting down to 427 pounds at her last weigh-in. During her visit with Dr. Procter, he told her she is “nowhere near” being ready for surgery, also informing her of the serious consequences of obesity, such as immobility, bed sores and early mortality. 

Vannessa was even more concerned about getting on track with her fitness and well-being after finding out her son, Jacob, weighed more than her. 

“Any time I try to start a diet, eat healthy, any of that, my sister always has to bring in her f–king fattening foods,” Vannessa vented to producers after facing off with Jakie over the breakfast platter she brought home. “And this has been going on throughout my whole life, and I feel like if I don’t put my foot down and do something right now to change it, it’s going to continue to go on and I will fail.”

1000 lb best friends vannessa meghan

Vannessa and Meghan.

Jakie argued that Vannessa “needs to be realistic” with her nutrition plan and not get rid of all the foods she enjoys because it’s not sustainable. “I just think that a person that’s on a ‘diet‘ needs to still eat things that they like,” Jakie said.

However, her sibling didn’t feel the same. “It’s like a drug addict getting off their drug, yet you keep bringing it in the house? They’re going to want to do it; they’re going to want to touch it,” Vannessa said while holding back tears.

“I’m an addict, and an addict can’t have [a] little treat here, a little treat there. It has to be cold turkey,” Vannessa added. “Right now, I’m asking you: stop bringing fattening foods in the house. Stop bringing anything unhealthy in the house. Stop. … You’re killing me.”

Later on in the episode, Vannessa and her pal Meghan Crumpler went to therapy together and discussed their personal struggles. Vanessa also pondered over whether she would move out of the place she shared with her sister amid her weight loss journey, however, she was still unsure if that was the right step.

1000-Lb. Best Friends airs Mondays at 10pm ET/PT on TLC and discovery+.

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