Home, sweet home? When fans were introduced to 1000-Lb. Best Friends star Tina Arnold, she lived in a beautiful house in Winder, Georgia, with her husband, Johnnie Arnold, and their four kids as well as her best friend and 1000-Lb. Best Friends costar Meghan Crumpler and Meghan’s fiancé, Jon Creager. However, tragedy struck their families when a disaster completely damaged their home, forcing them to move. But where do Tina, Meghan and their families live now? Keep scrolling below to get updates on the TLC stars’ housing situation.

What Happened to ‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Star Tina’s House?

On the season 2 premiere of 1000-Lb. Best Friends, Tina revealed the devastating news that her home had been flooded.

“Holy s–t. Why is the bathroom flooding?” she asked as she surveyed the damage. The camera cut to an air vent that had water leaking out of it and down the wall. “I just walked in and there’s water everywhere.”

A message on the screen read: “On the morning of April 13, a pipe burst on the main floor of Tina’s house.”

“You can hear the water dripping out of the ceiling, hitting things,” Tina said, crying as she filmed a selfie confessional. “And it’s just beating down, it sounds like it’s raining. It’s pouring out the side of my house.”

Tina went into what appeared to be one of the bedrooms to show the floor, stepping into the carpet to show water gushing out from the pressure. “The floor is a sopping mess because it’s got so much water in it,” she said while sobbing. “I didn’t know what to do. I called the police. I called 911 and they said call the city. So I did and it took ’em forever to get out here while the water was just steady pouring.”

“This is our first house,” Tina said, breaking down in tears. “I’m scared because I’m fat and I’m heavy and I’m on a floor that’s soaked and I don’t know if it’s soft enough to drop me through the floor, y’all.”

She then turned her camera to show a bubble in her wall where water had pooled underneath the paint. She popped the bulging paint bubble and water burst out.

Another message popped up on the screen that read: “That afternoon, city officials designated the house ‘uninhabitable,’ forcing the family to evacuate.”

‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Star Meghan Reacts to House Damage

“It’s really hard to even grasp what just happened,” Meghan said while crying. “It’s a lot. Tina’s dealt with a lot in her life. She’s definitely a survivor. She’s a very strong woman.”

Meghan Crumpler
Courtesy of Meghan Crumpler/Instagram

Where Did ‘1000-Lb Best Friends Stars Meghan and Tina Live After House Flood?

“With the house being flooded, it’s unlivable. So for the time being, we are moving into a hotel. Insurance is paying for one hotel room for all of us,” Tina said later in the episode.

Meghan added, “And there’s eight of us.”

The room they were staying in featured a living area, one bathroom and one bedroom with two queen-sized beds. There was no kitchen, but there was one microwave and a mini fridge.

They would be sharing the space from anywhere to one month to several months as they waited for their house to be repaired.

Where Do ‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Stars Meghan and Tina Live Now?

It appears that the damage was able to be repaired in Tina’s house and the were able to move back in. According to online records, Tina and Meghan both still live at the house, In Touch can confirm.

Why Does ‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Star Meghan Live With Tina?

On the season 1 premiere of the TLC show, Meghan explained why she and her fiancé, Jon, live with her best friend and her family.

“Me and Jon want to have a place of our own. Unfortunately, the finances are not there just yet, but I have a great friend named Tina who is letting us take up some space in their basement,” Meghan explained at the time.

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