Paris: "It was a very
traumatic experience"


In Paris Hilton's first post-jail interview on last night's Larry King Live, the heiress talked about the barely edible "jail slop," how claustrophobia was the reason she was released from prison by Sheriff Lee Baca and what she learned while confined 23 hours a day. "It was a very traumatic experience, but I feel like God does make everything happen for a reason," said Paris. "It gave me a time-out in life to really find out what's important and what I want to do. I have a new outlook on life." Part of that new outlook is to turn her attention to philanthropy. "I can raise awareness for so many great causes instead of superficial things like going out," she said. "I want to help raise money for kids and for breast cancer, multiple sclerosis." She also sympathizes with her troubled contemporaries like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Nicole Richie. "A lot of these girls, they move out here at a young age [and] are given too much, too soon. And it is hard." As for the personality trait Paris would most like to change? "When I get nervous or shy, my voice gets really high. And that's something I'm trying to change about myself." Change does begin with the smallest steps, after all.