Catherine giudici sean lowe wedding the bachelor

Let’s Talk About Sex,
Baby: The 6 Most TMI
Moments From Sean Lowe
and Catherine
Giudici’s ‘Bachelor’


On Jan. 26, history was made when Queen Latifah married 33 couples during the live broadcast of the Grammy Awards—but, oddly enough, they weren’t the only ones tying the knot on live TV!

Last night, former Bachelor star Sean Lowe and his fiancée Catherine Giudici made history on their own—by walking down the aisle for a live TV event.

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It only makes sense that a couple who met and fell in love would chose to celebrate their personal moment in front of a camera—but their sharing of intimacy did not stop at “I Do!”

For those who don’t know, Sean and Catherine decided to wait until their wedding night to consummate their relationship.

Despite their vows to celibacy, a lot of last night’s wedding special was spent talking about sex… and we mean a lot.

If you think about it, it’s almost impressive how you can have your entire relationship and wedding night broadcast live on TV, and still have people thinking, “NOW you’ve taken it too far!”

In case you missed their wedding—or forgot to DVR it!—check out the six most TMI moments from their wedding!

1. “There’s no pressure on my end. I’m going to perform masterfully” – Sean, on whether or not he was experience, uh, performance anxiety.

2. “I’m not going to be wearing anything the whole honeymoon, so I don’t know why you bought this.” – Catherine, on why she only sort of appreciated Sean’s gift from ‘the naughty section’ of the store.

3. “I cannot wait to wear the lingerie he gave me on our wedding night. It’s like fancy icing for my body and I’m just going to be able to showcase it when I’m his wife. As a wife, I will definitely treat him a lot. I’m going to be able to let out my ‘grown-sexy’ on him at any time that I want and any time that he wants.” – Catherine, letting fans know that maybe they can maybe expect The Bachelor: Sean and Catherine’s Baby Special soon.

4. “They’re like sexy photos that are in lingerie and obviously just for my husband’s eyes only. I want him to see me as a woman after the wedding, which of course he will naturally, but I’ve been kind of suppressing that.” – Catherine,  explaining her very personal wedding gift—moments before dropping her robe on camera.

5. “Consummation Station.” – During the broadcast, there was a livefeed from the honeymoon suite… um, need we say more?

6. “I’m pretty sure you’re going to accept my rose at the end of this one.” – Sean, talking to Catherine during the wedding—about what we can only assume is a beautiful, metaphoric euphemism.