Car owner speaks out
about Orlando’s car
crash – In Touch


While Orlando Bloom escaped unscathed from a car crash in the wee hours of October 12, Mark Ivanko, 28, the owner of the smashed 2007 Porsche Cayenne and a Porsche salesperson, is left with thousands of dollars in damages and not so much as an apology.

Departing from Hollywood club Green Door in a 2003 Toyota Matrix borrowed from friend Dariusz Wolski, director of photography of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Orlando and two lady passengers sped away. “He just picked the turn onto my street really, really hard, and my car was parked on the corner.” Even after police hit the scene, Orlando and the front seat passenger -- who reportedly had sustained a neck injury and severe cut for which she was hospitalized -- kept going. “He didn’t say a word to me,” the Porsche salesman tells In Touch. “The damage is pretty bad. Looks like it’s going to be at least $7-8,000. I have his phone number. He’s going to pay for my car.”