This just keeps getting worse and worse. Tom Cruise hasn’t been seen publicly with his youngest child, 11-year-old Suri, since September 2013. And now, a source close to Suri and her mom, Katie Holmes, tells In Touch that he hasn’t seen his youngest child privately either.

“There is no sign of Tom,” the source tells In Touch exclusively. “For four years, Tom has chosen not to see his daughter.”

While Tom has never given an exact reason for why he opts not to see his daughter — despite being physically close to her on several occasions in recent years — many speculate that it’s because of his close ties to the Church of Scientology. It’s long been speculated that the church has named Tom’s ex-wife Katie a “suppressive person” — the church’s label for someone who “stands in the way of spiritual progress,” and are to be avoided by people still affiliated with the church — though he has never addressed that claim.

At one point in the past four years, Tom would at least talk about his daughter — and even claimed at one point that they kept in touch on the phone, even if they didn’t see each other. However, that has since stopped. Says an insider, “Tom rarely talks about her.”

He most recently spoke about the stunning sixth grader earlier this summer while doing press for his box office flop The Mummy. When asked by a reporter if she was interested in acting, he kept his answer vague. The insider adds, “That’s the closest he’s gotten to talking about her publicly.”

While they haven’t seen each other in years, the insider exclusively tells In Touch that the two may be able to have a relationship in the future — it’s just unlikely that it’ll happen anytime soon. “Someday down the line, he might want to reconnect with Suri,” the insider says. “[But right now], Tom is all about making movies, Scientology, and a small circle friends.”

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